Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mansion Tour

This is a house I got to tour in Mexico Missouri due to the family I was with knew these people personality. Carl is home  from Germany visiting his dad  and ask me if I would like to ride over to Mexico and see ts fabulous house these people from his home town own.
It was the most beautiful house I have ever toured. 10.000 square feet, 7  bedrooms 2 dining rooms I lost count of how many sitting rooms. 2 kitchens,7 bathrooms. Also the owner does all her own housework.
                                                     one dining room

                                              seats 18 people                                

                                              one sitting room                                  

 looking up stairwell

Downstairs man library
                                            Going upstairs from front of house
                              I had never seen velvet framed brass pictures
                                              One of many clocks
painting of house done years ago, it was built 1943
                                       Love this lamp and original wallpaper
This was my favorite room, The French sitting room   

This was just a real treat for me and I wanted to share it with you all 

Happy New Year 

I took more pictures however with my new photo pisaca It took me about 3 hours to download these pictures. I definitely need help

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Practicing Downloading Pictures

My daughter told me there was ice covered roads in Kansas City today so these  little girls are going 
ice skating 

 I downloaded pictures from my iphone 6s to pisca and can't find the pictures now ?

Oh its snowing on my bed LOL found this picture in pisca from couple years ago
my downstairs bed

This was a display on top of an old dresser

This was from a couple years ago, my old potting shed which I had tore down in a weak moment and wish I had it back 

I am home alone today and trying to straighten up the house a little and put away a few things 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Just a few old Christmas post cards and other pretties to wish you and your families a very safe healthy Merry Christmas , and snow for us LOL                                                  


I better get going I want to go to early Christmas Eve Mass then off to the Grandkids house to wait for Santa 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Glitter Spoons and Velvet Shoes

What can be prettier than glitter spoons or red velvet shoes? I loved making these glitter spoons last Christmas season                                                                
I used some of my older sterling spoons before I knew it. I should have just used the silverplated spoons but oh well.

I just had to lay them on the silver serving tray with my red and white tea cups
 I went out to the mall early this morning with my neighbor and I found some unexpected bargains for my daughter for her birthday next month. That is when I always find something when I'm not really looking for it. Is it that way with you?

Now aren't these the cutest little red velvet shoes? I found them in an vintage flea market Gina and I went shopping at once. They were just so cute and in such good condition I had to get them. Not sure yet what I'll do with them. However whatever it is it will be adorable because they are.

Hope you are all enjoying this Christmas season 

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Round One is Over

Hi everybody, LOL yes round one is over the first Christmas get together is over at Grandma's house.
Needless to say my little Grandsons loved all their gifts from me.Including the Red Rider BB Gun which at the end of the day I was ready to keep it. LOL

After a brother argument I heard my sweet little 8 year old grandson tell his 12 year old brother ,"when we get home i'm going to shoot you with mt BB gun !!!!!" So I told my son in law maybe it better stay here? I'm sure my Son in law won't let him have it by himself

A few of my pretty dishes I used for our Shakespeares pizza lunch. I started having pizza for the Christmas get together at my house with my daughter son in law and the 4 boys and of course the boys loved it one year so I stick with pizza. They have a traditional dinner at their great grandmothers house on Christmas Eve
 This is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer I painted it last Christmas season with the shooting 8 year old who now owns the BB Gun minus BB's. We went to a canvas painting store downtown

After early mass this morning I met one of my sisters at our Mother's grave and put a new poinsettia Christmas arrangement on her and our step dad's grave, Then we went to breakfast at a local diner in Centralia Mo needless to say the gravy and biscuits bacon and denver omelets were delicious.
My little wool sheep and the baby mice hanging from a stick Christmas tree

This is a little camper ornament my oldest daughter sent a few years ago and I had to add a bottle brush tree on it for this year.                                                                

This is all just odds and ends of my Christmas things, however there is more and I am still working in the studio on more.

I had to come home this morning and take a much needed nap and it was so nice

Hope you are all ready for your Christmas get togethers and may God Bless you and keep you

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pink Decor

I am almost ready for Christmas with my Missouri family this Saturday the 19th. Almost is the word.
I need to put ribbons on my packages and mop the kitchen and bathroom not that you wanted those details ?

This is the silver tree in my home office with the pink shiny brite mercury glass balls I got for 20 cents each early this fall.


 This is a few items on my white tree in the living room . I had to open the shades to get a good picture because it was cloudy and raining I think when I took these last week. Anyway I don't like seeing the cars going by
 I love these little fuzzy dolls ,this one riding an airplane, I bought about 5 of them in Atlanta one year at the Country Living fair at Stone Mountain

I added a small chandelier I ordered from a store in California once ,I can't remember where I got the big music paper stars

Gina and I went junking again last Saturday and my youngest daughter went because her husband was home to watch the 4 boys, they put Christmas lights around the front of their house. One of my grandsons said its the most beautiful house he has ever seen, Bless his little heart LOL 
I purchased a vintage Red Rider BB Gun ,rifle and 2 vintage cap guns,wonder who I will give these to? LOL 

Gina 's blog is named Victorian Wanna Be let me tell you her house is Victorian 

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Top of Cabinet

I like to decorate the top of an old chippy cabinet in my kitchen and usually have so many things to set there I have to eliminate a few items.
This year I used a couple of my little houses and other fun things  My red truck was setting there however he will set over on the red truck table runner for his debut

 Blue church with the bottle brush trees outside
 When you take a picture of this blue church it looks likes inside lights are on inside
 My little Janice snowlady, I glue to an old block.

I am working on my Christmas card list today . I have gotten fewer and fewer people to mail a card to every year. I always sent my out of town family cards and elderly friends but seems the list is very short all of a sudden. Do you still mail out Christmas cards. Also I always write a little note to each person especially if I haven't talked with them for a few months.
It upsets me when I get a card from someone I haven't talked to all year and they just sign their name no notes or updates on their lives.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bottle Brush Variations

I finally got two trees up in my house. One in the living room and one in my office. One year I even put a sweet little silver tree in my bathroom lights and all.

I haven't got a good shot of the entire tree however here is a few of my favorite little bottle brush trees I added to thread spools .Oh the first picture is a tiny bottle brush tree in a vintage jar
 Then had to show my bronzed baby shoe again
Some of my thread spools I painted others I wrapped ribbon around them and glued the ribbon on the spools. One spool I used pink and white poke a dot duck tape cut to fit. dipped some of the trees in glitter
 I had a little leopard ribbon and had to use it
I still want to create more and I have plenty of supplies believe me
All in a row 

Gina and I went out scouting around Tuesday for treasures I found another complete box of shiny brite ball for $5.00 and an original small box of vintage tinsel for 55 cents!!!! I will use the box for a shadow box somehow.

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