Sunday, December 20, 2015

Round One is Over

Hi everybody, LOL yes round one is over the first Christmas get together is over at Grandma's house.
Needless to say my little Grandsons loved all their gifts from me.Including the Red Rider BB Gun which at the end of the day I was ready to keep it. LOL

After a brother argument I heard my sweet little 8 year old grandson tell his 12 year old brother ,"when we get home i'm going to shoot you with mt BB gun !!!!!" So I told my son in law maybe it better stay here? I'm sure my Son in law won't let him have it by himself

A few of my pretty dishes I used for our Shakespeares pizza lunch. I started having pizza for the Christmas get together at my house with my daughter son in law and the 4 boys and of course the boys loved it one year so I stick with pizza. They have a traditional dinner at their great grandmothers house on Christmas Eve
 This is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer I painted it last Christmas season with the shooting 8 year old who now owns the BB Gun minus BB's. We went to a canvas painting store downtown

After early mass this morning I met one of my sisters at our Mother's grave and put a new poinsettia Christmas arrangement on her and our step dad's grave, Then we went to breakfast at a local diner in Centralia Mo needless to say the gravy and biscuits bacon and denver omelets were delicious.
My little wool sheep and the baby mice hanging from a stick Christmas tree

This is a little camper ornament my oldest daughter sent a few years ago and I had to add a bottle brush tree on it for this year.                                                                

This is all just odds and ends of my Christmas things, however there is more and I am still working in the studio on more.

I had to come home this morning and take a much needed nap and it was so nice

Hope you are all ready for your Christmas get togethers and may God Bless you and keep you

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  1. Hi Janice, glad you survived round one! I was thinking about you and wondering how it went. What a fancy Shakespeare's Christmas dinner too! How cute, you are such a wonderful Grandma. Glad the boys liked their gifts too, even if Dad didn't huh?
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my "Victorian" house and decorating, I so appreciate that. You always make me smile with your comments!
    Have a blessed and happy Christmas!
    Sending hugs,

  2. Janice:
    I see your lovely Mason's plates. You brought back memories as my brother shot me in the back of my heavy winter coat with his BB Gun. It still burned too! Sounds like a fun day was had by all! All your decorations are darling.

  3. You are one tireless grandmother! I love your reindeer, those classes are fun. I think your decorations are great I hope Round 2 is a little bit on a smaller scale, I was tired reading this!! lol!

    Jane x

  4. You are a great Grandma! My mother would have given the Red-Rider guns and encouraged immediate target practice - LOL!

  5. Everything is beautiful. I especially love the blue plate.
    Blessings, Nancy Carr

  6. God bless you, too! So nice of you to share your family traditions with us. Have a happy and blessed holiday. xoKathleen

  7. wonderful celebration, love it all. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and only good things for 2016,Hugs!

  8. My brother bought my husband a Red Rider a couple of years ago, I display it in my Dad's bedroom since he had one as a child. Love your Rudolph how adorable.

  9. Ooh be still my heart, I'm simply smitten by your red and white Mason plates, they make the perfect festive plate !
    Sending Merry Christmas wishes your way.

  10. A great idea having pizza. Jazzing it up with special dishes. You are a good grammy.
    When my boys were little I had a hard time letting them play with guns. Now think back almost 40 years ago when it was a very normal thing to play with. My husband and I just didn't agree. Little did I know my son would grow up and have a job that requires him to wear guns everyday. I will say this.........I feel very secure when I am with him. Merry Christmas.

  11. Sounds like such a busy week! I like the idea of pizza and jazzing it up with the good dishes! Your Rudolph is adorable. A BB gun? You can shoot your eye out!

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