Monday, December 14, 2015

Top of Cabinet

I like to decorate the top of an old chippy cabinet in my kitchen and usually have so many things to set there I have to eliminate a few items.
This year I used a couple of my little houses and other fun things  My red truck was setting there however he will set over on the red truck table runner for his debut

 Blue church with the bottle brush trees outside
 When you take a picture of this blue church it looks likes inside lights are on inside
 My little Janice snowlady, I glue to an old block.

I am working on my Christmas card list today . I have gotten fewer and fewer people to mail a card to every year. I always sent my out of town family cards and elderly friends but seems the list is very short all of a sudden. Do you still mail out Christmas cards. Also I always write a little note to each person especially if I haven't talked with them for a few months.
It upsets me when I get a card from someone I haven't talked to all year and they just sign their name no notes or updates on their lives.

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  1. Love the little churches and trees. Each year I decorate less and less.

  2. Janice:
    That cabinet top looks darling. I love each building. I sent a lot of cards this year since I just retired. It was fun to have the time to do it. This week I am baking! We close on our house in Columbia January 29th. We plan to move in many trips though as it could be over whelming. To bad we aren't 40 anymore!

  3. Hi Janice! I like how you have arranged all of your pretties on that cabinet, it looks like a mantel in the photos. The blue church is very pretty and it does look like the lights are on inside.
    I am writing Christmas cards today too. You made me think about writing notes in some of them, I usually do not.
    Have a good day!

  4. Yes i still do Christmas cards and the old fashioned way....hand sign and a little note at the least in the best they get letters. Personal letters...not "newsletters". I hand rubber stamp on designs and put stickers on the envelopes too. And i like to use pretty stamps. I put recent pictures in each card as well. I love doing my cards each year and sure miss the old days of receiving dozens of pretty cards in the mail and wonderful mysterious packages as well. Im just old fashioned i guess. I just think if youre going to do cards you should make some effort to make them nice as you can

  5. Janice, I love the blue church. Blue is my color. You have so many pretty things and are an inspiration. I have only received one Christmas card this year. Where I live finding cards in English is not easy. I have sent cards in Spanish from time to time, however, I have not been out to even find those this year. You are always ahead of the game, and I get slower every year. Enjoy all your beautiful Christmas goodies. Christmas in the tropics is not the same as in the states, so I will enjoy the season rituals here which last through Three Kings Day in January. Blessings

  6. Beautiful village, specially that blue church! I give out the big Christmas cards along with my gift to family. When I have to give away, I sent them as always before, and that is, by the old mail. I am a little late with my Christmas d├ęcor because as you know I've been a month in Miami for the delivery of our sweet baby Maxima.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our new bundle of joy.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. My card list has gotten VERY short! Love the blue church.

  8. I love your blog and all the vintage things especially the church and trees.
    I am your newest member. Merry Christmas.

  9. LOVE your festive mantel. I'd be a bit tempted to leave them out all year long. Thank you for sharing with us at VIParty.

  10. I love having a little ledge to decorate. Yours is cheery! I feel exactly the same way about cards. We send fewer too. I love to get them though! SO nice that you came by!

  11. I love having a little ledge to decorate. Yours is cheery! I feel exactly the same way about cards. We send fewer too. I love to get them though! SO nice that you came by!

  12. I love all your decorating.
    I send very few cards anymore...I sure love to get them, to...

  13. Janice:
    I adore your display. This cabinet top looks darling! So sweet and pure charm!

  14. Me, too. I would send out 50+ cards years, maybe 15. Thanks for your great comments on my blog...the quilts are hanging on the porch of my 200 year old family log house where I live...I do have some antique mall booths but they are an hour away. Your house looks so clean and bright and beautiful. And thanks for sending my newest blog reader over. She is a treasure. Marshel

  15. Love your Christmas houses and church on top of your cabinet! Looks so pretty and festive.
    Mary Alice

  16. Beautiful! Love your bottle brush trees.

    Happy Holidays!

  17. I love this display. I love the Christmas houses and i have quite a few myself. Aren't they just the most precious thing. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us. Hugs, Beverly

  18. Janice:
    You were a special feature on my blog this week! Congratulations as it was a darling posting.

  19. Love this display! I have a collection of houses grouped together in a cabinet in my entry. I do usually send cards, but didn't get them out this year. Thanks for sharing with SYC.