Sunday, February 27, 2022

Pink Velvet Strawberry

 Hello The sun is out however what' is going on  in Ukraine which is very alarming for us all.

I have a couple pink and red velvet Hot Skwash strawberries and I love them.

I like to check out Pink Saturday so thought I's post my pink velvet berry.

I purchased these French Style candelabra's in the first picture yesterday and now not sure I really have room for them 

Hope all is well and all our prayers are for the people of Ukraine

Saturday, February 19, 2022

French Tray


I just love anything with gold leaf or gold gilt and this small glass top tray 

 fits the bill. I purchased it at an estate sale couple weeks ago and just thrilled to find it.

The tapestry is so pretty also the delicate handles.

I'm itching to get out in the dirt and plant some seeds if this snow ever leaves for good.

I do believe this last round of snow was the last don't you if you're where lots snow is? 

Hoping to Join Pink Saturday today at How Sweet The Sound Blog

Friday, February 11, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day February 14

 Happy Saturday And Happy Valentines Day this  Shell art I made last year 

Today I went to 2 estate sales and found few small things I really like

A tomato spoon

Silver tongs, Sugar spoon 

An antique traveling ink well 

4 Antique calligraphy pens 

French dresser mirror

Dishes a friend wanted (really bad) so happy I got them 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something any way love to go to estate sales.

I am so upset with my self I was adding a blog to my read list and deleted the entire gadget and can't recover it. Now all the blogs I read regularly are gone, I'll be trying to remember them and make a new list hopefully.

Little Valentine candy in a jar ones that says Be Mine  etc 

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Almost Valentine's 2022

 Almost Valentine's Day and since I haven't done a post for some time thought I might as well show off some Red.

I have been making a few Valentine cards and mailed a couple off, since trying to create more.

I am reading other blogs also it is so easy to post a few pictures on Instagram and write one short line

 I have approximately 11 inches of snow and I went out and tried to knock off ice cycles and snow hanging over my gutters, that was bad idea it all came down on me LOL 

Are you guys where the last blizzard stopped? Keep in touch and I will also 


I am joining Pink Saturday. At How Sweet The Sound Blog 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Self Entertaining

I have been asked to see a picture of my new Kitty Cat her name is Paris and she is a calico I got at the local humane society.

She is very shy when someone comes over, she will run and hide.  My other cat did that and it took a long time for him to get use to visitors.

I have been entertaining myself in the studio when I go downstairs to do laundry and want to make sure I get something out of washer soon as it finishes washing so I started a scrap book of things I love and pages I have kept out of magazines for years. I have about 2-3 more pages and it will be complete.

I love blue white toile material also blue white dishes so this page is my dream bedroom 

It has been raining cats and dogs if you know what I mean, we have had several flash floods in my area the dehumidifier is on round the clock 

one more , I know you have all probably made a scrap book of some kind anyway you can see my messy work table .

I was going to visit a friend today and because of low flooding areas I stayed home

Thanks for all your comments 

Friday, June 18, 2021

I'm Still Here

 Hi everybody I'm still in this world LOL just busy with everyday life. I have etsy shop and just started posting vintage clothing and designer handbags on ebay and visiting my family more.

I have a new cat and she is lots fun. It is so hot here today 100 and I'm filling my bird baths twice a day for my birds.

I went to Kansas City couple weeks ago to visit family and we all had lunch on the Plaza then went to estate sales

Say Hi to me I do miss having time to read all the blogs I love


Joined Pink Saturday At How Sweet The Sound 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Resale Shopping and New Napkins

 Hello you'all

Couple years ago I guess I purchased these cute Bunny Easter napkins, when I go out shopping and find cute ones  or pretty blue white flower ones I definitely buy then to use sometime or another. Anyway These caught my eye, I just noticed this morning they have a recipe inside, never seen a recipe inside a napkin.

Hot Cross Buns

Now have you bought napkins with a recipe inside  ?


Ok so much for napkins, I went to my favorite resale shop this morning and found this ironstone cheese dish . They are so expensive on the etsy shops that sale ironstone. I did not intend to start another collection especially black and white but guess I have since I did buy a round ironstone BUTTER dish off etsy shop 

It was $8 and the BUTTER was maybe $80 on sale, Then I really like these colorful asparagus dishes and this one  at same resale shop was $4 so I grabbed it t help clutter up my dish cabinets LOL 

I have been busy all week enjoying spring and my tea party group got together for a wonderful lunch at one of the gals lovely home. It was so nice.

This week I hope to work in my yard a little I have few things to plant. Keep in touch and let me know if your friends have been getting back together where you live. We are in central Missouri




Pink Saturday is always fun check it out