Saturday, July 14, 2018

Purple Transferware

I have been wanting to complete a set of purple transferware for a few years now.
This is a pattern I really liked and purchased a few pieces of it

I love the flowers inside the cups its pattern is Spode Mayflower

Then I seen this pattern Charlotte and decided I liked it also, it's a pretty lavender color. I took these outside today in the 100 degrees heat LOL to get a better picture of them. I have all my windows covered with vintage white  tablecloths to keep the sun out of my south windows where I don't have curtains up. My air conditioner is not running to keep my house cool in this extreme heat we are having

This plate is what got me interested in purple transferware. It belonged to my Great Aunt Ollie who lived in Sikeston Missouri. The picture on the plate is of her Methodist church she attended her entire life from age 16. She loved dishes also and had antique dishes as far back as I can remember as a child when we would visit her home. Her and her husband never had children however she always had dogs and lots antiques

here is a small purple vase with some dried hydrangeas in it that sure look lavender to me they were originally a dark blue

Hope you are all staying cool. I am still getting out and checking my thrift stores for purple transferware dishes which is not to be found by me so far

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Christmas In July Sales

Yes seems like several  decorating and florist stores I have gone to are having Christmas in July sales. I looked however what I was looking for wasn't out.

I needed a good looking  Christmas wreath for my front door and wanted a plain simple beautiful wreath and got this one for free from Silk Plants Direct 

I got an email asking me if I would mention their business on my blog and in return I could pick out  any item for a certain price range. It was a hard decision since their was so many items I wanted. I got this back last February and it was to late to be showing off a Christmas wreath, so just waited till this July knowing there is always Christmas in July

It's a very large wreath measures approximately 25 inches across, I can just see me making a huge silver silk bow for it and maybe placing one of my sheep sitting in the middle. This is something I can change up from year to year also. I quickly made this red bow and added a little tule. I have it hanging on my back door since it's such a nice sunny HOT day LOL I can also make a huge black and white check bow and hang this in kitchen close to my Courtney check MacKenzie Childs items

I love the glitter on the leaves and why I choose this one . I had several to choose from at this on line store ,who offered me a free item for posting about their product

Gorgeous don't you think? This company has great items and you need to visit the site  Check them out you may just find something you can't live without

Then my favorite Nicole Sayer doll and my santos doll I made and dressed with a old calendar. I leave them out all year sitting so pretty in my studio. You can even see my feather wreath in the back of this picture

Here is my bouquet I picked from my from my yard this morning

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hydrangeas For Pink Saturday

I am going to show my 4 gorgeous blooms off a couple bushes for Pink Saturday since I actually have some pink to show . I cut these and put in a bucket of water really quick since we are in this horrible heat wave .
My car thermometer said 110 after work one day sitting out on a hot parking lot

I just love hydrangeas , now these are inside on my kitchen table. See my blue arrangement in the back ground. I took my platters down and added lots blue and white

I was playing with my instagram pictures and got these all together .

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Happy Days / Update

Well I guess I have enjoyed my home vacation just for the fact of getting some rooms really cleaned and closets cleaned out of lots of clothing I haven't worn for a few years.

I have been wanting to put a lot of my blue and white items on top of my old chippy cabinet in my kitchen, in the picture with my chandelier you can see I have had  large platters on this cabinet previously
I added more small items and I think it looks much better, I I always like more

I got my kitchen chandelier cleaned, my friend Bernideen surprised me by stopping by and helped me clean it , now just one to go.

Bernideen and Gina and I all went to breakfast early one morning this week and then we went downtown to a few stores,one store was Kent's Florist who has the most gorgeous home interior items and fabulous quality artificial flowers.
Anyway I fell for this large bottle rack reproduction. I wanted it for my mugs and cups. I added my cow creamer and some smaller cream pictures that go with my staffordshire blue calico dishes

Then I added more creamers and small demi cups to my rack

I first added my red transferware mugs and like the blue and white best of all.I still have lots small red and white transferware tea cups I can change up also.

My vacation days are almost over and back to work Monday so I'm going someplace fun today just haven't made up my mind where I'm going

I am so glad we had a little rain to cool the temperatures down also, however next weekend back up to higher 90's with heat index over 100 and high humidity. I still don't have my air conditioner fixed to run at full capacity, part will be here next week sometime

Hope you all are having a fun summer also

It's Monday June 25th now and i'm on my way to work, vacation is over

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Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi one and all. I know I haven't posted for couple weeks however will bring you up to date. I am on vacation this week and next week and have decided to stay home and clean house I mean really clean out clothes closets and my garage and my storage room. So far I have took 3 car loads to a donation center!! I did let a lady who I give items to go through and pick out what she wanted first.

In between this my internet was down 3 days due to Centurlink disconnected it in  error, my DirecTv needs reprogrammed because I purchased a new smart tv , first Tv since 1995!!! can you believe that?
I had to have a plumber because down stairs toilet, us say had troubles. My air conditioner is down now and man should be here any moment. If I was working I couldn't have taken care of all this!!

I am straightening  up my book shelves in my bedroom, I have several book I love and have a huge bakers rack full and the other book shelves are full so put these in my bedroom.

I am going shopping tomorrow in St Louis, so this will be my only fun vacation day this week

I am thrilled to rid my house of clothes I like however never wear them

Well must get off here since my air conditioner repair man should be here knocking at my door now.

I'll let you know what I find in St Louis

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Flea Market Finds

I know, I haven't done a post for awhile now. Just seems like all of a sudden I'm either to tired or to busy. I have been reading your blogs however.

Anyway I went out to Artichoke Annie's outside flea market yesterday morning and found a couple pieces I really like.
The first one is a sweet old time Granny sugar bowl, I just love it $2.00 I paid for it

Then I bought my first majolica plate ,it's not exactly the colors I like however  it is an old one marked Germany. I love the ones with brighter pink color on them. I gave $10 for this  plate .

Then I went to a very  lovely luncheon at Bernideen's  house with a couple other ladies and after a lovely satisfying lunch we strolled throw her lovely flower gardens in her backyard and admired her fish pond. She gave me  a plant of some kind forgot what it is , I planted it anyway. LOL

Then today I went to an upscale estate sale since it was 1/2 price day and I found these really cute bunny plates for $1.00 each

I spotted the new issue of Victoria over at Bernideen's and had to go get me a copy since it has my favorite colors on the front

These plates also came in lime green. They was prices $7 for all

Thanks for stopping by to see my new dishes. I have got caught up in instagram now and love how quick it is to catch up on everybody posting.

It is really hot here again today so closer to sun down I have a few more plants to get in the ground and hope to set out on my patio and read my new magazine

Hope you are having a safe Memorial weekend

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lemon Cake

Yesterday I just had to clean floors and dust and in the meantime I wanted to bake a lemon cake which is one of my favorite. So as I whipped up the cake and got it in the oven I kept cleaning. I would rather do yard work than housework any day. It's always great when the dust and dirt  is gone, however.

This is a teapot my Mother told me she had before I was born. It's a Hall teapot. I got the pretty cups and saucers and snack plates at a Marshall's years ago.

I had never thought to put this set together Mom's old tea pot and my calico set, here's another thing do you like cold cake or room temperature cake? I always like a cold cake so put my lemon cake in the refrigerator.

I use to collect these vintage tea spoons for loose tea and still use them. I still look for them when I got to large antique malls. I have a couple more

Oh by the way it tasted so good with my cup hot tea LOL wish you were here to have a piece

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