Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Self Entertaining

I have been asked to see a picture of my new Kitty Cat her name is Paris and she is a calico I got at the local humane society.

She is very shy when someone comes over, she will run and hide.  My other cat did that and it took a long time for him to get use to visitors.

I have been entertaining myself in the studio when I go downstairs to do laundry and want to make sure I get something out of washer soon as it finishes washing so I started a scrap book of things I love and pages I have kept out of magazines for years. I have about 2-3 more pages and it will be complete.

I love blue white toile material also blue white dishes so this page is my dream bedroom 

It has been raining cats and dogs if you know what I mean, we have had several flash floods in my area the dehumidifier is on round the clock 

one more , I know you have all probably made a scrap book of some kind anyway you can see my messy work table .

I was going to visit a friend today and because of low flooding areas I stayed home

Thanks for all your comments 

Friday, June 18, 2021

I'm Still Here

 Hi everybody I'm still in this world LOL just busy with everyday life. I have etsy shop and just started posting vintage clothing and designer handbags on ebay and visiting my family more.

I have a new cat and she is lots fun. It is so hot here today 100 and I'm filling my bird baths twice a day for my birds.

I went to Kansas City couple weeks ago to visit family and we all had lunch on the Plaza then went to estate sales

Say Hi to me I do miss having time to read all the blogs I love


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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Resale Shopping and New Napkins

 Hello you'all

Couple years ago I guess I purchased these cute Bunny Easter napkins, when I go out shopping and find cute ones  or pretty blue white flower ones I definitely buy then to use sometime or another. Anyway These caught my eye, I just noticed this morning they have a recipe inside, never seen a recipe inside a napkin.

Hot Cross Buns

Now have you bought napkins with a recipe inside  ?


Ok so much for napkins, I went to my favorite resale shop this morning and found this ironstone cheese dish . They are so expensive on the etsy shops that sale ironstone. I did not intend to start another collection especially black and white but guess I have since I did buy a round ironstone BUTTER dish off etsy shop 

It was $8 and the BUTTER was maybe $80 on sale, Then I really like these colorful asparagus dishes and this one  at same resale shop was $4 so I grabbed it t help clutter up my dish cabinets LOL 

I have been busy all week enjoying spring and my tea party group got together for a wonderful lunch at one of the gals lovely home. It was so nice.

This week I hope to work in my yard a little I have few things to plant. Keep in touch and let me know if your friends have been getting back together where you live. We are in central Missouri




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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Red Calico

 I am posting my red calico teapot for pink Saturday over at How Sweet The Sound , Beverly always has such a fun following . My table is bit of a mess but it always is, no need to pretend

I also got my tomato spoons cleaned which someone said don't post a picture of them, we have seen them tarnished already LOL Oh well 

Clean Tomato spoons and I found another one not pictured 

Since I was in the mood ( not really) for cleaning silver I got all my Mother of Pearl handled flatware out and cleaned it also.

Well today my weather has improved greatly however tomorrow more freezing rain and snow possibly.

I have enjoyed staying in during this bad weather I have gotten a few things done around my house.

Hope you all are doing just fine wherever you are 

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Monday, February 15, 2021

My Bird and Cleaning Silver Spoons Today

Morning, today I am going to get around to cleaning some of my silver spoons that hang on a rack in my dining area of my kitchen. Its cold and snowy so I am staying in my house. This morning wind chill is minus 25 degrees with temperature -5.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Little Paint Project

I have wanted to see what these fancy little cute Frenchie style drawers handles would look like painted a soft gold.
I bought this little low chest at a resale shop possibly 13 years ago and it was already painted my favorite color, a blue.  

This is what they look like now and I'm satisfied with the color. Originally I wanted a bright gold color.

This is what the chest looks like, excuse the plates on the floor under it (smiling) . I did get all the boxes out from under it. This is my office area and it's usually looks very lived in, which now in my later years doesn't bother me.

I have this chest and another tall chest full of note cards and stationary which I love, I am always thrilled when a friend gives me a cute box of note cards, one friend for my last November birthday gave me a very cute box of French note cards, ones with little Marie Antionette faces on them.

The sun was finally out today and it was so energizing to me. I also run over to my favorite resale shop.
yes I found me a few little treasures.
Well which paint color do you like best on the handles? 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Resale Shopping


Silver Plated Teapot & Tray

I just love to go to a good resale shop and there is only one great one here in my little city.
I just stop in once in a while.
I have always loved silver and silver plated items
mostly I like large trays 

I couldn't pass up this goose neck teapot for $8. I will just set it on this gorgeous silver plated tray. The tray has stamp Sheffield England on bottom I gave $25 for it.I have always liked silver.

Also since I haven't blogged in a while I can't seem to maneuver around. things have changed. So when you see an error just read on.

I have little bit snow today only suppose to be up to 3 inches, so I'm staying in and hope to get some enthusiasm to make a couple things in the studio while waiting on laundry to finish