Monday, June 30, 2014

4th July Berry Bucket

Good Morning

I thought I would have a bucket of berries on the table today to take some pictures of . I bought this little berry bucket back in the 1970's it was the first piece of blue & white swirl granitware I bought.
It belonged to the Grandfather of a gal I worked with, it was out in his old smoke house if you know what a smoke house was. Not to go to and smoke cigarettes but to hang your meat to smoke it for winter keeping, you young gals this was back in the day of early 1900's .
Anyway I had just discovered these old granitware items and was crazy about them. I drove all over Missouri looking for items to match.
At one time I had about 60 pieces in my kitchen on display.

My sale went well  last Saturday. There is a lady who called back yesterday about my round iron bed, she is trying to get someone to move it for her. I can't even pick up the foot end it is HEAVY

A lady I know who lives in Italy is here visiting her father that I know and she brought me a jar of 
Crema Di Radicchio Rosso

Hope you have a good day ,A friend of mine is here from Florida and we are having lunch today and talk over old times LOL

Have a good day 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Day

Good Morning on this happy Pink Saturday and the first of my many indoor sales to come as I declutter the old home place LOL


Some of my pretty pink item 

Then I set my yellow ware crock bowls up in the kitchen for sale.My girlfriends will be over starting at 10 am today and through out the day .
I sold my punch bowl I showed in my previous post a gal in town who reads my blog sent me an email she wants it. SOLD it is $20.

This gets over whelming then I figure if it takes a year to clear things out piece by piece I'll be crazy by the end LOL so maybe I better start with low prices where my friends can't resist to buy LOL

I wish all you gals with booths come come over and get my bargains, however this stuff is items I bought and have used in my house I finally got rid of all my flea market items last winter what I didn't sell I donated to a local  place called the Wardrobe her in Columbia Missouri

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paper Dolls

OMGosh look what I found. LOL. I have bought several of these paper doll sets in years pass. I did have other presidents families before and famous people however haven't ran across them yet. I really think I sold them once at a flea market I set up at LOL

I bought them for my own use and as I tire of things I sell them,some reason these hadn't hit the flea market or one of my yard sale yet

If Hillary runs for the presidency in 2016 which I think she will and win's then as our first lady president  these will a hot collectible? maybe 

They even show Hillary's mother Virginia Clinton Kelly and of course Chelsea. These are by Tom Tierney 

Here is another item I use to collect because my Mom got me started because she loved these Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf dishes.I have her complete set and this is a club member item, you had to be a member of the Jewel Tea Club to have privilege to order special pieces made by Hall China company for the Club.
It is dated on bottom 1994. It's a small syrup pitcher 

I have the tea for two tea pot also along with lots of other pieces,most will be out on the table for Saturday sale.
I wish things were good like back in the 1980's and 1990's where you could have an auction and get rid of all of it one day. Also make lots money selling your treasures. Now days what I collected is not valuable or is it?

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do You Want It ?

I know you all are probably tired of seeing all these items I am having in my estate sale (declutter sale) ? LOL
This is all that is on my mind now just clearing out a lot of dishes. Like I said if I do decide to move South I won't have as much to move . All I want to take is a bed my high boy one set dishes and all my clothes and jewelry and a favorite item of mine. You guess what I like more than my dishes.

A couple friends have said why don't I list this all on my etsy shop however I don't like quoting the shipping price for dishes. I sent a gal my complete set of green depression cannister set and large cookie jar to Oklahoma from Missouri. $85.00!!!!. If you see something you're interested in or want I will get shipping cost for you.

Lots  of cups and saucers I always liked these little green plates, the one with the pears I have had for years, other one came from Tuesday Morning I think.

I have been calling my girl friends and telling them when to come over to preview what they want to buy.
This beautiful punch bowl I used for years at Christmas parties. The little 12 cups stand on a little pedestal like the punch bowl 

Have you ever had friends tell you , if you ever sell that I want it ?? well it's for sell now friends LOL
Come and get it 

I have a corner china cabinet full of Iris & Herringbone crystal depression glass, I do have doubles on some serving pieces . I have several sets of different glasses, 8 plates, cups and saucers etc

Like I said FOR SALE now girlfriend and boyfriends

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Just pretty

Well It's pretty to me anyway . I took some things outside to paint once and this vintage wood round mirror was one of them. I have it hanging in my kitchen over a dish safe. It was original gold paint before and had a few pieces missing

With the paint on it the missing pieces look just fine 

I took several other small items outside to splash white paint on and have used them in my studio I  have sold most of them over the years .
This little white night stand I still have it was a french provincial night stand missing a handle ,you may remember me showing it with the large pink satin ribbon for a drawer pull.

I would have carried the white night stand out to my yard sale if I could lift it.It is solid wood and heavy .
These items I sold at one of  my sales of decluttering treasures. Sold the set of faux alligator luggage for $50.The black and white case and straw bag for $10 each . GONE

I am thinking if auctions were better I would just like to have an auction and get rid of it all at once , however the auctioneer gets 30 % around here and they charge $1000's for advertising so I will just keep going my way. LOL and keep my $1000's right?? 

I hope you don't get tired of seeing my (junk) treasures I have loved over the years ? 

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Things

I have been busy trying to clean out little items packed away in dresser drawers in my studio and finding some little dolls I forgot about some good some not so good or cute I should say.
I am still having trouble with my camera and bought the same camera on ebay for a steal of a price however it doesn't focus any better than mine that I dropped. So it wasn't any steal at all.
Oh well if I wasn't planning two expensive trips I would go by a high price camera ,but for now I'll just make do I would rather travel around and see people and places. right?                                                    

This little dolls is similar to 3 others I am trying to get pictures of to list and sell. However I am not ready to part with my little pitiful looking china head dolls  that I bought at an estate sale that an old lady had kept all her life 

I have several of these copper engraving plates that came out of a jewelers sale ,it's where someone practiced engraving for jewelry . I have a couple framed with my initials and years ago I sold several at a flea market that had names engraved on the plate. As you see I am still uncovering items to discard. I have packed in treasures for years. It was always my entertainment .Now I'm 
entertaining myself getting rid of them LOL I like the plate with the J on it for my name 

If I wasn't almost embarrassed to tell you my age I would let you know I am going to what would be my 50th high school reunion In Mt Vernon Illinois this year . You can figure out how old this old lady is .
But i'm young in my thinking and actions LOL Does that help any ? LOL

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Broke It

In all my hussell bussell around the house I pick things up in a hurry and have broke a couple things lately and use to I would cry and ****  and just have a fit anymore I just toss it in the trash, that comes with age I guess? LOL

Anyway I got this dish out of a dresser drawer in my guest bedroom, yes I store dishes in dresser drawers even my high boy is full of dishes. The lid was already broken previously and was glued back together not very well I am guessing the poor glue choice had dried up so when I picked up the lid it came apart


I like the letters on this dish also, I looked it up on google translate once what it said , something about fish in here ? which makes sense since a fish is on the lid 

I just love any dish with this pattern and have a few canisters with this pattern ,blue onion ? 

I still like it very much even though its damaged , when it's on a shelf it doesn't show the lid . I don't want to throw away the fish he is so unite 

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