Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Day

Good Morning on this happy Pink Saturday and the first of my many indoor sales to come as I declutter the old home place LOL


Some of my pretty pink item 

Then I set my yellow ware crock bowls up in the kitchen for sale.My girlfriends will be over starting at 10 am today and through out the day .
I sold my punch bowl I showed in my previous post a gal in town who reads my blog sent me an email she wants it. SOLD it is $20.

This gets over whelming then I figure if it takes a year to clear things out piece by piece I'll be crazy by the end LOL so maybe I better start with low prices where my friends can't resist to buy LOL

I wish all you gals with booths come come over and get my bargains, however this stuff is items I bought and have used in my house I finally got rid of all my flea market items last winter what I didn't sell I donated to a local  place called the Wardrobe her in Columbia Missouri

Linky Parties for this weekend 


  1. I wish I was there to buy your yellow ware!
    What a good idea to invite friends to have first chance at your goodies.

  2. Love the yellow bowls! It is hard to purge, but a good thing.

  3. I think I need to drive to Columbia! But I need to declutter myself. Good luck with the sales!

  4. Good luck with your sale. Love that lamp.

  5. Gosh I wish I could be there, too!! I know you have GORGEOUS stuff!

  6. you have many beautiful things, sales will be brisk!!!!

  7. Hi Janice! Sorry I couldn't make it over today, I had to work 9-5. Need that money! :)
    Hope you had a great sale. Talk to you later,

  8. I wish I lived close enough to visit and purchase that sweet pink rose tea set. Love the yellow ware and the vintage corning ware teapot. Did you sell out?? I bet it went well.
    Have fun while going crazy. LOL
    Happy Sunday!

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by!! LOVE the yellowware bowls!!


  10. Good luck with your sales. You have some great stuff. Think there would be a scramble over those yellow bowls. I am also trying to purge. I just had a garage sale, sold a ton of stuff, then donated truck loads to two organizations. Don't think I will every get rid of all I need to. Good idea to have an inside sale and invite friends.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures with a nice comment.
    Audrey Z.