Monday, June 16, 2014

Just pretty

Well It's pretty to me anyway . I took some things outside to paint once and this vintage wood round mirror was one of them. I have it hanging in my kitchen over a dish safe. It was original gold paint before and had a few pieces missing

With the paint on it the missing pieces look just fine 

I took several other small items outside to splash white paint on and have used them in my studio I  have sold most of them over the years .
This little white night stand I still have it was a french provincial night stand missing a handle ,you may remember me showing it with the large pink satin ribbon for a drawer pull.

I would have carried the white night stand out to my yard sale if I could lift it.It is solid wood and heavy .
These items I sold at one of  my sales of decluttering treasures. Sold the set of faux alligator luggage for $50.The black and white case and straw bag for $10 each . GONE

I am thinking if auctions were better I would just like to have an auction and get rid of it all at once , however the auctioneer gets 30 % around here and they charge $1000's for advertising so I will just keep going my way. LOL and keep my $1000's right?? 

I hope you don't get tired of seeing my (junk) treasures I have loved over the years ? 

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  1. Hello Brenda,

    You have completely revived the mirror. It looks wonderful in its newly spruced up paint and could surely enhance any room in which it finds itself.

    We wish that we could have been around for your luggage sale. It looks such fun as you have it piled high. One dreams of exciting travels near and far.......

    1. Honey my name is Janice
      I appreciate your visit very much

  2. It breaks my hearrt that the only place i can find like minds is online, none of my family see the slightest point to the things i collect , they wouldnt even bother to sell it would all just go to the dump . so enjoy as i do and hang around forever just to annoy

  3. Love the mirror and the white gave it so much cottage charm. Looks like you are having great luck selling some treasures. What a great luggage set and those cases are awesome. I can see them why they are gone.
    Have fun!!

  4. My name is Janice
    I can just hear your accent in your comments which I appreciate very much

  5. Hi Brenda!
    Oh Janice, I couldn't resist saying that!! :p You are so funny in saying "Honey my name is Janice." !
    Being the Victorian friend that I am, you know how gold is one of my favorite colors.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. I love to see your treasures and agree that doing it yourself is probably the best way, even though it is a LOT of work.

  7. I love that gold mirror!! What a pretty way to "fix" it with white paint. XOXO