Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Things

I have been busy trying to clean out little items packed away in dresser drawers in my studio and finding some little dolls I forgot about some good some not so good or cute I should say.
I am still having trouble with my camera and bought the same camera on ebay for a steal of a price however it doesn't focus any better than mine that I dropped. So it wasn't any steal at all.
Oh well if I wasn't planning two expensive trips I would go by a high price camera ,but for now I'll just make do I would rather travel around and see people and places. right?                                                    

This little dolls is similar to 3 others I am trying to get pictures of to list and sell. However I am not ready to part with my little pitiful looking china head dolls  that I bought at an estate sale that an old lady had kept all her life 

I have several of these copper engraving plates that came out of a jewelers sale ,it's where someone practiced engraving for jewelry . I have a couple framed with my initials and years ago I sold several at a flea market that had names engraved on the plate. As you see I am still uncovering items to discard. I have packed in treasures for years. It was always my entertainment .Now I'm 
entertaining myself getting rid of them LOL I like the plate with the J on it for my name 

If I wasn't almost embarrassed to tell you my age I would let you know I am going to what would be my 50th high school reunion In Mt Vernon Illinois this year . You can figure out how old this old lady is .
But i'm young in my thinking and actions LOL Does that help any ? LOL

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  1. You are as young as you want to be!! I was surprised when I went to my 10 year reunion...the men had aged really bad and the women were beauties! I haven't gone to any since. I didn't know you lived in Illinois, too!

    The dolls are so cool! Do you have an idea how old they are? With the heads made of china it must be hard to find anything in good condition. Nice collection!


  2. Love the cute dolls! Those are so sweet. You are not that much older than I am-just a couple of years. How the heck did we get to be this old? lol I need a decent camera but just can't seem to justify spending the money on one...maybe one day....

    Have a great week- xo Diana

  3. Your dolls are so sweet. What a wonderful collection. Have fun at the reunion. Age is just a number. Like you said, you are young in your actions and thinking!!
    I need a new camera too, but keep putting it off, thinking, oh well this one is okay for now. LOL

  4. Those dolls have tons of character...if they could only talk, lol. Love those jewelers plates just the way they are. A young mind and spirit is more important than a'll have a great time.

  5. Those dolls are probably worth a small fortune! So sweet!

  6. You are only as old as you feel!

  7. Love the dolls, and, the engravings. You're young at heart. That's what matters.xoxo

  8. We're only as old as we feel!!

  9. Beautiful treasures! Good luck with your camera!

  10. I love your china head dolls. Those are beauties! I hope you have lots of fun at your reunion.


  11. The dolls are precious..Sorry about your camera...I dropped mine, too, and it's never been the same. *heavy sigh

  12. Wow, those dolls are great! I often take and get better pictures with my little red pocket camera than my expensive Nikon....Yep, I would rather go on a trip any day!! Have fun at your reunion!


  13. Wow what a gorgeous blog, pleased that you left a comment on mine as it meant that I could find yours. I agree with the other lovely ladies comments, you are as young as you feel :-)

    amicalement from a sunny SW France,

  14. Love those dolls! You look wonderful, and are young at heart! :)

  15. I have already passed the 50th - will say no more. LOL
    I need to get back to downsizing things around here also.
    Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your evening.

  16. lol! Love the engraving cool are those? We completely understand about not wanting to give up some things quite yet....we always say you know when it's time to pass it on (usually when you run out of room but still want to keep buying lol!!!!) Lovely visit today :) have a great weekend!
    ~Karla & Karrie

  17. I think I'm going to save all my money and come see you so I get to rummage through all your amazing treasures! I have a hard time letting go, you are going to have to show me the way! LOL

  18. So sweet dolls :) thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  19. Cameras are frustrating sometimes. I had slacked off posting for the same reason. When I got a new phone I was pleased to discover the camera takes good pictures. HAve a great week.

  20. So many lovely things . . . where do you put them all?! Found you over at Itsy Bits and Pieces.