Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do You Want It ?

I know you all are probably tired of seeing all these items I am having in my estate sale (declutter sale) ? LOL
This is all that is on my mind now just clearing out a lot of dishes. Like I said if I do decide to move South I won't have as much to move . All I want to take is a bed my high boy one set dishes and all my clothes and jewelry and a favorite item of mine. You guess what I like more than my dishes.

A couple friends have said why don't I list this all on my etsy shop however I don't like quoting the shipping price for dishes. I sent a gal my complete set of green depression cannister set and large cookie jar to Oklahoma from Missouri. $85.00!!!!. If you see something you're interested in or want I will get shipping cost for you.

Lots  of cups and saucers I always liked these little green plates, the one with the pears I have had for years, other one came from Tuesday Morning I think.

I have been calling my girl friends and telling them when to come over to preview what they want to buy.
This beautiful punch bowl I used for years at Christmas parties. The little 12 cups stand on a little pedestal like the punch bowl 

Have you ever had friends tell you , if you ever sell that I want it ?? well it's for sell now friends LOL
Come and get it 

I have a corner china cabinet full of Iris & Herringbone crystal depression glass, I do have doubles on some serving pieces . I have several sets of different glasses, 8 plates, cups and saucers etc

Like I said FOR SALE now girlfriend and boyfriends

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  1. You have a beautiful collection of dishware, but like you, I feel the need to downsize a bit. I have a collection of Fire King and now I wonder why? lol

  2. OMG, I tried putting all my rose dish collection a FB group to sell. Once I posted pics I fell in love with it all over again so I took it down and put it back away. I would rush right over if I were closer and thanks for the offer, but I am too cheap to pay for shipping. Hope all your lovlies find new homes.

  3. I've been downsizing lately, or at least TRYING to. Giving most of it away, really. Here's wishing you luck with your sales!

  4. Love all the transferware. The red is my favorite. Don't your children want it? My heart would be breaking to have to part with it.

  5. You sure have some beautiful the punch bowl especially! I sure do understand wanting to clean out...I'm there, too!

  6. You have a lovely collection...I would find it hard to part with such nice pieces. My kids are going to cuss me when they have to get rid of all my dishes!

  7. All your treasures are so lovely. Sure you will have not trouble getting rid of them if you desire. Good luck and best wishes on your upcoming move.

  8. Lots of lovely things; I know what you mean about the shipping costs! sheechz!

  9. Wish I could buy some of your stuff, that will be one heck of a sale

  10. All I can say is "Where do you live?" :)

  11. Good luck selling everything, what a gorgeous collection you have. I totally understand the shipping costs, often times it is almost half what I pay for an item and then all of the work for you to pack! If I lived closer though, I would be there in a heart beat!


  12. Beautiful collection you have, I like all! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend :)

  13. Yes, I've learned to order things on the net ONLY if it's paid shipping. Shipping charges are sooo high.
    When we moved last winter, I got rid of sooo many dishes and I don't miss a single one of them. I kept my 3 favorite sets and two sets are still in they will be sold, too. I don't want anything that I don't use almost every day.
    Good luck on your downsizing.

  14. You will for sure sell all these lovely dishes. I so wish I could, they are beautiful and they will make someone very happy.

  15. I sold almost everything I owned a year ago, and started over in a smaller place. 880 square feet, to be exact. It is very open, and a perfect place in every way. It was great fun to basically adapt to less "creative" clutter, and have only the things I truly love. The more I sold, the more I wanted to sell - stuff I had been adamant I would NOT sell. You have wonderful items to sell, as did I. But in the end it has been great, with NO regrets.

    Have a peaceful and blessed week.

    1. thanks Ellie for these words of encouragement
      I hope to find a fabulous small condo someplace
      to have all my small treasures with
      a screened in porch
      and close to a pool or beach !

    2. I know you will find that special place. I'll continue to follow as your journey comes to fruition.

  16. oh stop! it's too too much! we would so come to your sale in a heartbeat! You always are showing us things that make our hearts go pitter-patter!!

  17. So many great pieces! I am sure they will find a happy home. Garage sales and donations are a great way to lighten your load, we did both after our move to Pine Hill Farm!