Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Broke It

In all my hussell bussell around the house I pick things up in a hurry and have broke a couple things lately and use to I would cry and ****  and just have a fit anymore I just toss it in the trash, that comes with age I guess? LOL

Anyway I got this dish out of a dresser drawer in my guest bedroom, yes I store dishes in dresser drawers even my high boy is full of dishes. The lid was already broken previously and was glued back together not very well I am guessing the poor glue choice had dried up so when I picked up the lid it came apart


I like the letters on this dish also, I looked it up on google translate once what it said , something about fish in here ? which makes sense since a fish is on the lid 

I just love any dish with this pattern and have a few canisters with this pattern ,blue onion ? 

I still like it very much even though its damaged , when it's on a shelf it doesn't show the lid . I don't want to throw away the fish he is so unite 

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  1. That would break my heart .
    It is such a beautiful dish.
    maybe you can look for it
    on ebay?

  2. did a good job glueing the pretty box together, though.
    Yeah, when I was a Young woman I would just upset myself over broken things, but now I just say...oh well and be done with the loss.

  3. AWWWW, what a shame, but it does not detract one bit from the charm. One of the kitchen mainstays of many countries is Marinated or Pickled Herring, either in a vinegar or mustard or sour cream dressing. It's almost always paired with simple boiled potatoes, as a classic combination.

    And the Delft Blue Onion fits perfectly with that history---think how this predecessor of the little pyrex or fire-king bowls with the flat glass lids must have graced many an icebox or refrigerator, perfectly holding the savory fish until time for dinner.

    What a treasure, even a little bit wounded, and when you glue the spot, it will proudly show that TWO people loved it enough to repair it for love and beauty, if not for serving, like a wonderful old retainer whose hesitant steps and fumbly hands have retired him from table service, except for special occasions.

    I love all your treasures.


  4. PS---I just noticed the little red berries---I would imagine they're juniper, for they're included in many Scandinavian recipes. They're the same ones which are used to flavor gin, and so I've never tasted one, because gin is not pleasant to me.

    Rachel, who seems to be wearing her pedantic Alton Brown hat today, but I love puzzling out kitchen stuff

  5. It's so pretty and very interesting...still looks beautiful from the side.

  6. You could start saving all your broken things and make a nice mosaic table. Or put them in the gardens. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Hi Janice! I like that fish too, that's a neat piece. So when's your garage sale?
    You didn't get blown away over there early this morning did you? Whew, it was windy!
    Take care,

  8. Hi Janice, It still is a beautiful piece and the fish on the lid is so pretty. I would keep it too. Like you said, on a shelf it's not seen.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Have a nice rest of the day!

  9. The container is pretty, I can see why you are keeping it.

  10. This is so pretty! I read Rachel's idea and it's fitting...why else would a fish be on such a pretty box! :)


  11. What a pretty dish- even if it is broken and repaired. It is just lovely. You are right-on a shelf who would even notice a crack like that? xo Diana

  12. You are right, it is still beautiful! I have some vases on a shelf with chips on the bases that can't be seen. Visiting from VTT.

  13. Oh I would not throw it away either! What a very interesting piece even if it is broken. IT is a keeper!

  14. Some of my repaired dishes are my favorites too! Especially majolica! Your fish plate is really special with a Eoro vibe. Glad you like my new tablecloth!

  15. Even if it is cracked, it is a keeper.

  16. I love all things with imperfections. They usually tell a story. It is such a unique design. It is a keeper for sure. Display it proudly.


  17. What a fabulous piece! I love the lettering on the side. I see you collect red transferware, too. I just started collecting it and found two pretty vintage plates at the local thrift store for 50 cents apiece. Score!

  18. Pretty dish, I love it:) Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  19. Thanks so much for your comments on Kris's blog. IT is so nice to meet you and I will be following you.
    The thing is I never smoked and to end up with a lung condition is unbelievable. But, my parents and ex husband did, so thank you second hand smoke. I do okay, but when I have a spell, I not worth anything - just have to rest and take my medication,
    I love the dish with the fish on it - I would definitely would keep too.
    Nice meeting you and I look forward to you future posts.