Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saved Treasures

Oh I have had fun this week I was over at Nancy's Dad's house you know the gal that gave me her old doll chest with all the old dolls that her or her sister didn't want. I am not a doll collector but I wasn't going to turn them down
Nancy has gone back to Italy to run her tour company with her husband

Now Carl her brother is here from Germany with his family to get the items he wanted out of his parents house
I got a call from Carl, Janice come over and see if you want anything before it goes to the big dumpster!!!!!!!! What a dumpster,I offered to do a yard sale for them , they didn't want to do that.
Well I loaded my car trunk, back seat, front seat with as much as I could . Dishes, toys,books,tools.
I got it all home and arranged in my garage around where my car sets. I can drive in and carefully open the door and sideways get in the kitchen door.

This old music box was their mothers from years gone by, Mother was 96 when she died and their Dad who I go check on is 98 and going strong                                                                        


Here is the family pitcher as Carl called it ,I know it's a 1950-1960's pitcher he remembers his Mom always put the ice tea or lemonade in this pitcher it was always on their table.,remember when all the kitchens were pink or turquoise in the early 1960's ( I do ) LOL I wanted a turquoise kitchen . Some people I knew bought a new travel trailer and all her appliances were turquoise I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen in a home


 Shiny Brite Christmas ornament boxes . I got 4 boxes of glass balls, this stuff was going in a DUMPSTER !!! 

after the second time I went over to get all the cookbooks and some other things I couldn't get in my car the first trip I seen other things that made me sad to know no one in the family wanted them. They did give the dinning room and buffet and a desk to a resale shop as a donation.
Lois & Nancy didn't want their little cups from their childhood, really they didn't want anything from their childhood, Carl took his cup . I'll use them in the studio by putting pencils in them 

I got 2 very old dolls from 1910-1915 that was their Mothers , lots compotes a huge copper serving tray bigger than any silver tray I have just had to save it and lots of old souvenir items from old Mexico, they lived their a few years right out of college back in 1938 .

OH lots of sewing items like thimbles, wooden thread spools and some neat old advertising boxes,one was for a pair of size 7 shoes $1.97 and another one was a shoe box from Italy $39.00 I guess they traveled to Italy back in the 1960's I am sure this box is this Old 

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Necklace Creation

I have been going through all of my bakelite jewelry looking for some certain bakelite barrell buttons I bought years ago at the Portland Expo show in Portland Oregon back when bakelite was HOT.
Anyway I seen a picture of a necklace on line I fell in love with and wanted to try to do one similar to it with all my bakelite pieces. I just hate to use the E6000 glue because it is final when you use it you know what I mean I can't take the necklace apart if I decide I want a certain button .

This first button is fabulous I think I only have one and had forgotten I even had it . I have a small plastic chest with about 20 drawers with my bakelite in it . It is about 2 1/4 inch long
If your not a button or bakelite person you won't appreciate this at all LOL

 Darn it cut off the top oh well you can see it

Then here is a assortment of bakelite  pieces I am trying to choose from  to use on my project. I love that fuschia color twisted button and there is more to match it in different colors


This is the start of it the red bakelite piece is off of another necklace then I stacked the oval button on it and added the dotted bakelite button I like this look so going to go from here just trying to decide which glue to use.
Should i just bite the dust and use E6000?

Here is some more pieces  I am considering using and I am going to put it on a black large open  chain in the above picture 

Here is the look i'm going for I just copied this off a piece of paper however I think you can see what I want 

After checking out the book by Amy Hanna Rejuvenated Jewels  at the library i have been playing with all my jewels . Also since I like the book so much I ordered it off Amazon .

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jeweled Velvet

 I have been working on adding some jewels to two small pumpkins I got at Joann's fabric. I want a couple large ones also but Joan's only have the smaller ones. They were 30 % off the day I bought them. Now 40 % off so go get you some . I am not a fan of Orange but what are you to do when it's fall and pumpkin time ? use orange velvet. I used an orange velvet flower off of an old hat I got I bet 15 years ago and an old cameo I have had in my jewels  in the studio then tied some orange seam binding that has been in a drawer of about 50 packages of vintage seam bindings.

Oh and I am not a huge Halloween fan I just like Velvet Pumpkins so decorating them for the studio, girls & boys  I am not getting a jump on the holiday Halloween. I guess i should have named them Cameo Pumpkins. I can still add some rhinestones


This is the green one I like much better and even had an old green cameo for her pretty top
I have an old lace blouse I bought once in a rag bag and love it so cut a strip off for a tie for Miss Green Pumpkin 

Here is what they looked like before I added my touches on them both . When I first seen velvet pumpkins arrive on blogs I wanted some.That was about 3 years ago wasn't it ? maybe 4 

That is my latest project and I have about 20 waiting on me, I am sure you can relate to this? We just don't have enough time or energy to get it all done 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

I went to a subdivision garage sale,40 houses, with a friend, she picked me up at 7 am and we just got home it's 12:39pm LOL ( fyi ) LOL. I am ready for a cool drink and wanted to make the Pink Saturday Blog

My best purchases was 2 old tea pots for 50 cents !!! I love them both and have cream & sugars to almost match them both

love it

I left the pink sack the lady packed them in for Pink Saturday but really I didn't need to do that oh well, I still can't believe 50cents for both tea pots 

then yesterday I went to an estate sale and got these 2 Texas bowls for a very good price , my oldest daughter loves these and they might show up at her house in Portland Oregon ?

back to garage sales 
Then I bought this faux Louis Vuitton wastepaper basket , and I don't have any faux Louis Vuitton in my house, ( just bragging LOL)  however I thought I can use it in the studio , it was $3.00

I bought this beautiful mirror for $3.00 at same yard sale, don't you like the etching on it ? 

I bought these pieces of old silver for a quarter a piece and they will clean up good 

Tiara !!!!!!!!

25 cents to use for altered necklace !!!!!!!!!!

50 cents and they really need a bath 

and I bought a purple pumpkin to paint silver and a little blue & white cup 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baggage Or Luggage ?

Do you have baggage? well I do lots of it and some good luggage LOL and have sold some of it and keeping some a little longer however a friend is always wanting to buy my vintage alligator luggage and an old hat box luggage piece. I think I want to keep them a little longer ,but anyway on my last trip up to Lexington I did pick up a couple pieces she can buy if she likes them
This make up carrying case is a American Tourister  and in very good shape that someone gave me recently and I used it this weekend


here are my 3 new vintage pieces, the hat box on the bottom is in great shape 

I really like this Samsonite hat box piece of luggage , did I say that already?

This little red Samsonite piece is very good shape I know Brenda will want it ,those are my toes LOL

It has been a real cloudy day today or I would drag the alligator set out for pictures and I don't have good lighting in my house due to lots of big trees in my yard.
I'll get it the next sunny day 

ps SOMEBODY help me stay out of JoAnn fabrics store!! I want every charm and piece of jewelry in that store
Oh and ALL the rhinestone braid back where the trims are LOL OMG love it ALL

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Button Finds

Today my cousin from St Louis Missouri came here to have lunch with me so after we set at the restaurant for 2 hours and talked, and after we went through old pictures  reminiscing of our Aunts and Uncles when we use to get together as kids 5-9 years old ,we decided to go shopping and of course I suggested we go  vintage shopping . We both have enough clothes and a girl can never have enough old stuff.

We have just seen each other 3 times since 1959

Marilou bought several books for a granddaughter and some pretty smelling soaps for her.We shopped the Market Place In Columbia Missouri

Anyway I had resisted several items that was gorgeous and out of my price range today , so as we were leaving a gal was putting things in her space and she had a huge bowl of vintage buttons and had them priced as buttons of France this lady does shop France and bring items back,well I had to touch all of them and look them over so came home with a few

mother of pearl inlay button first one of these I have in my collection

Love these glass  with the rhinestones and the back looks like maybe they slide on a cloth belt? size of a quarter


no I can see the little o ring to sew through now

2 little glass buttons and 2 blue plastic 

PS It has rained cats and dogs here today 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Found Jewels

I went up to Lexington Missouri over the weekend to attend my niece Janelle's bridal shower, she is getting married in Kansas City next month
While driving up there I stopped in Higgensville Missouri a little town however they have 3 pretty good vintage flea markets with several booths and then there is a Methodist Church resale shop where I got enough glass vases and bowls,10 cents a piece! )  to make one of those I call a stick bird bath or glass totem pole to put in your flower bed, haven't you seen those on different blogs?

I also scored in Lexington Missouri at River Antiques downtown, Sue is the owner and my sisters neighbor


Judy had  these repo civil war era wallpaper hat boxes that I love, she only had 2 sizes left the large ones were all sold

I have them on a book case and they look so good

I got this red & black necklace $3.00  at Higgensville Mo the clips and bow pin I paid $4.00 and can't wait to get them worked up in a recreation of mine LOL
I don't think I paid over $2.00 for any of these pieces, it was a good day LOL

Then I found some old luggage , a friend is always begging to buy mine so I happened to find some  pieces to sell her ,

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