Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saved Treasures

Oh I have had fun this week I was over at Nancy's Dad's house you know the gal that gave me her old doll chest with all the old dolls that her or her sister didn't want. I am not a doll collector but I wasn't going to turn them down
Nancy has gone back to Italy to run her tour company with her husband

Now Carl her brother is here from Germany with his family to get the items he wanted out of his parents house
I got a call from Carl, Janice come over and see if you want anything before it goes to the big dumpster!!!!!!!! What a dumpster,I offered to do a yard sale for them , they didn't want to do that.
Well I loaded my car trunk, back seat, front seat with as much as I could . Dishes, toys,books,tools.
I got it all home and arranged in my garage around where my car sets. I can drive in and carefully open the door and sideways get in the kitchen door.

This old music box was their mothers from years gone by, Mother was 96 when she died and their Dad who I go check on is 98 and going strong                                                                        


Here is the family pitcher as Carl called it ,I know it's a 1950-1960's pitcher he remembers his Mom always put the ice tea or lemonade in this pitcher it was always on their table.,remember when all the kitchens were pink or turquoise in the early 1960's ( I do ) LOL I wanted a turquoise kitchen . Some people I knew bought a new travel trailer and all her appliances were turquoise I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen in a home


 Shiny Brite Christmas ornament boxes . I got 4 boxes of glass balls, this stuff was going in a DUMPSTER !!! 

after the second time I went over to get all the cookbooks and some other things I couldn't get in my car the first trip I seen other things that made me sad to know no one in the family wanted them. They did give the dinning room and buffet and a desk to a resale shop as a donation.
Lois & Nancy didn't want their little cups from their childhood, really they didn't want anything from their childhood, Carl took his cup . I'll use them in the studio by putting pencils in them 

I got 2 very old dolls from 1910-1915 that was their Mothers , lots compotes a huge copper serving tray bigger than any silver tray I have just had to save it and lots of old souvenir items from old Mexico, they lived their a few years right out of college back in 1938 .

OH lots of sewing items like thimbles, wooden thread spools and some neat old advertising boxes,one was for a pair of size 7 shoes $1.97 and another one was a shoe box from Italy $39.00 I guess they traveled to Italy back in the 1960's I am sure this box is this Old 

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  1. Wonderful, pink, family treasures.

  2. Oh Janice, what a score and bravo to you for rescuing these treasures. It always mystifies me when a family doesn't place any value on stuff like this but I suppose they feel the same way about those of us who do.

  3. I'm glad you were able to rescue them before they went to the dumpster. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Oh wow, you got a lot of fun stuff Janice! I know you'll have fun deciding what to keep and where to put it. Have fun!

  5. What wonderful treasures! My first name is Nancy! What a fun find! Love your blog! Sweet hugs!

  6. What a pretty music box! You really got a great haul, for sure. Makes me sad, too, that they didn't want their old family stuff. Glad you got some!

  7. What a shame that they didn't want these items.I know you will enjoy and appreciate them.
    I had a turquoise kitchen. We built our first house in 1961 I had a GE turquoise wall oven, surface unit and turquoise sink. We couldn't find the fridge in turquoise.
    I loved it so and I still love turquoise.

  8. I'm so happy you rescued all those treasures! The pitcher is so sweet and those old ornaments are so wonderful to have. Bless you for having such a lovely heart to see the sentimental value in these things!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  9. What wonderful treasures! I especially love the pink tea pitcher!

  10. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love that pitcher and the music box. Great shades of pink.

  11. Oh my gosh! Now that's a situation that most of us junkers can only dream of! You lucky lucky girl you! Love your treasures.

  12. Hi Janice,
    What a load of treasures you got! I love the Christmas ornies. My mother had those and I don't know what became of them. The pitcher is pretty too. When we bought our home {mid- 90s} I had the whole living space painted in shades of aqua. It was beautiful. I still love those colours! Thank you for sharing this at my HOME and enjoy your weekend.