Monday, August 12, 2013

Button Finds

Today my cousin from St Louis Missouri came here to have lunch with me so after we set at the restaurant for 2 hours and talked, and after we went through old pictures  reminiscing of our Aunts and Uncles when we use to get together as kids 5-9 years old ,we decided to go shopping and of course I suggested we go  vintage shopping . We both have enough clothes and a girl can never have enough old stuff.

We have just seen each other 3 times since 1959

Marilou bought several books for a granddaughter and some pretty smelling soaps for her.We shopped the Market Place In Columbia Missouri

Anyway I had resisted several items that was gorgeous and out of my price range today , so as we were leaving a gal was putting things in her space and she had a huge bowl of vintage buttons and had them priced as buttons of France this lady does shop France and bring items back,well I had to touch all of them and look them over so came home with a few

mother of pearl inlay button first one of these I have in my collection

Love these glass  with the rhinestones and the back looks like maybe they slide on a cloth belt? size of a quarter


no I can see the little o ring to sew through now

2 little glass buttons and 2 blue plastic 

PS It has rained cats and dogs here today 


  1. I love old buttons...a while back I found a tiny gold wedding band in a box of sweet..I imagine she searched and searched for that ring and I was the lucky one to find it

  2. Hi Janice. I love old buttons but do not collect. You found some beauties for your collection. How neat to get together with your cousin. Have a wonderful day.
    xo Ginger

  3. Oh.My.Gosh! You really scored some gorgeous buttons and you can NEVER have too many buttons. They don't even take up much room. Nice score and what a fun day.

  4. What beautiful buttons. I have a lot of old buttons that came from grandparents sewing boxes. I just love them. xo Diana

  5. Good Morning Janice, My word, you have found some very beautiful buttons. I remember as a little girl, Ivy, my grandmother, used to wear blouses with the most beautiful buttons, most often they would be small pearl buttons. I am just like you, when something is lovely, I just have to touch it.
    When my girls were little, I had boxes of buttons and it was the one thing they loved playing with, they had hours of fun with them.
    Enjoy your day,
    Best Wishes

  6. You sure have some gorgeous buttons! We made some rings with some vintage buttons a couple of months you got me thinking we need to make some more ~ lol!!!

  7. I love buttons! I can see a whole lot of crafts with those beauties...

  8. Hi Janice,
    Glad you found some buttons, you were there at just the right time huh? They sure are pretty! Have a great day!

  9. We are getting LOTS of rain lately, too, as you might have seen on the news. Sheesh. I love your button hunt finds! And I'm so happy you got to see your cousin and reminisce!

  10. these buttons are exquisite.. now following you. I am sorry about your teacup.. :-(
    Love, Mona