Saturday, August 17, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

I went to a subdivision garage sale,40 houses, with a friend, she picked me up at 7 am and we just got home it's 12:39pm LOL ( fyi ) LOL. I am ready for a cool drink and wanted to make the Pink Saturday Blog

My best purchases was 2 old tea pots for 50 cents !!! I love them both and have cream & sugars to almost match them both

love it

I left the pink sack the lady packed them in for Pink Saturday but really I didn't need to do that oh well, I still can't believe 50cents for both tea pots 

then yesterday I went to an estate sale and got these 2 Texas bowls for a very good price , my oldest daughter loves these and they might show up at her house in Portland Oregon ?

back to garage sales 
Then I bought this faux Louis Vuitton wastepaper basket , and I don't have any faux Louis Vuitton in my house, ( just bragging LOL)  however I thought I can use it in the studio , it was $3.00

I bought this beautiful mirror for $3.00 at same yard sale, don't you like the etching on it ? 

I bought these pieces of old silver for a quarter a piece and they will clean up good 

Tiara !!!!!!!!

25 cents to use for altered necklace !!!!!!!!!!

50 cents and they really need a bath 

and I bought a purple pumpkin to paint silver and a little blue & white cup 

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  1. Wow you got some great deals. Those tea pots for 50 cents. Score!!!!! I love the etched mirror too for $3. You scored big time with these treasures

  2. Wow! I love everything especially the tiara and the etched mirror. Take care, Darlene

  3. You really cleaned up this weekend! I think that etched mirror was a huge bargain! I love it all!

  4. What wonderful favorite is the tiara!!

  5. Love the teapots, mirror and the tiara! I'm a sucker for a pretty teapot with flowers on it, too:)

  6. what more could a girl ask for two pots for 50 cents.. wow.. they are cute at that.. you found some great this... Happy weekend with love Janice

  7. WOW 50cents for the teapots? Glad you grabbed them!

  8. What a fun day! The tiara is gorgeous and the tea pots lovely. Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dru

  9. Hi Janice,
    I need to go to garage sales with you girlfriend! I never have much luck. Maybe I need to go to more then just one or two, huh?
    Great finds, thanks for showing us!

  10. The teapots are very pretty and such a great deal. I especially love the mirror.

  11. Love love the tiara and necklace! I never find prices like that around here, you lucky ducky!

  12. What fabulous finds - you really were lucky. I love everything, especially the tiara, necklace and spoons. Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. What a deal on the teapots. I would love to go to a good sale-they have dried up around here.

  14. Love the tiara--hope you wear it around your house to feel special! I once knew a first grade teacher who would put her tiara on when she was working with a small group--it was a signal to the other students that she was not to be interrupted! Thanks for the great idea about painting your purple pumpkin silver--we have one just like it in bright orange and painting it will make it something special to decorate with. I enjoyed seeing your yard sale purchases.

  15. Fabulous finds! Gotta love the tiara!! You really cashed in on your purchases!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

    Found you on Coastal Charm's Tuesday party!

  16. Great buys, Janice. You certain have a great eye.

  17. Love the tiara! I hope you plan on wearing it:-)