Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jeweled Velvet

 I have been working on adding some jewels to two small pumpkins I got at Joann's fabric. I want a couple large ones also but Joan's only have the smaller ones. They were 30 % off the day I bought them. Now 40 % off so go get you some . I am not a fan of Orange but what are you to do when it's fall and pumpkin time ? use orange velvet. I used an orange velvet flower off of an old hat I got I bet 15 years ago and an old cameo I have had in my jewels  in the studio then tied some orange seam binding that has been in a drawer of about 50 packages of vintage seam bindings.

Oh and I am not a huge Halloween fan I just like Velvet Pumpkins so decorating them for the studio, girls & boys  I am not getting a jump on the holiday Halloween. I guess i should have named them Cameo Pumpkins. I can still add some rhinestones


This is the green one I like much better and even had an old green cameo for her pretty top
I have an old lace blouse I bought once in a rag bag and love it so cut a strip off for a tie for Miss Green Pumpkin 

Here is what they looked like before I added my touches on them both . When I first seen velvet pumpkins arrive on blogs I wanted some.That was about 3 years ago wasn't it ? maybe 4 

That is my latest project and I have about 20 waiting on me, I am sure you can relate to this? We just don't have enough time or energy to get it all done 

LinkyParties I am joining in 


  1. Your little pumpkins are so pretty! I love the little jewels you added to them :o)

  2. So lovely, looks like fall decorating is upon us.

  3. They are sweet, I was just thinking how its almost Fall my favorite time of year.. too cute Have a great day with love Janice

  4. I am not a huge Halloween fan, either, and don't decorate for it but I do love the way your pumpkins turned out and I think they will make lovely autumn decor. Oh, I don't want Summer to end yet!!!

  5. I LOVE the way those turned out! They are really gorgeous. I don't do Halloween so much as I do Fall. I love Fall decorations and can hardly believe we are coming up on that already- xo Diana

  6. beautiful!!! thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. xo

  7. Such pretty pumpkins for fall decorating.

  8. Now that is my kind of Halloween decor!!! You know I never met a cameo, piece of lace, or jewel that I didn't love. A blinged up pumpkin (and in velvet, too!) .... I LOVE it!!!

  9. Love the orange pumpkin. I wish you weren't so far away to attend the estate sale, it's going to be a great sale. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. So so great pumpkins ! Have to try to do one in pink !!!!

    xoxo from PARIS/FRANCE


  11. These are absolutely gorgeous! I just found a piece of brown velvet at the thrift store that and I want to make pumpkins! You've given me some ideas! Hugs!