Monday, January 30, 2017


Remember back (1990's) when a lot of us were into making Samplers? well anyway I was Hahah. I loved them and never could afford the ones from 1700-1800's so got patterns and made my own.
This first one is one I had my daughter who was in junior high at the time make for me. I seen an antique one just like this once in an antique shop. It's quite a large in the frame it is 17x21 inches. 1989
This is a sampler I purchased at a store in Sturgeon Missouri years ago and loved the dark linen it was made on.1988 It's a copy from 1888 sampler

This is a picture of it of course in the sun so you can see the colors better

I started this sampler once and ask a niece to finish it for me, she was about 10 and loved cross stitch so I gave her this for a project. 1994 

I did this sampler sort of free hand I just made it up , I did look at some pictures of letters to make the alphabet. I loved the little houses on the bottom. I even made a quilt squares with the little houses and sure I sold them at a  yard sale once because they aren't in any of the studio storage boxes. 1994

This I started off looking at a paper towel pattern I had. I bought every roll of paper towels  with this pattern on them.I always liked samplers and still do.. This is not framed just laying around the studio for me to look at it.                                                                         I am sure this was early 1990's

 Just more things in the studio. I am getting ready for the annual Indoor Garage Sale at our Holiday Inn West across from our Mall . It's Sunday February 5th noon till 3 pm . Last year it was held on a Sunday and it was the largest amount of people ever shopping.

Well I have got to get to work 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Around The Studio

I have had no enthusiasm to get anything done for the last 2 weeks. I still haven't got any greeting cards started and believe me I have plenty of paper and embellishments to add to the cards. I have a chest of drawers full and an white wicker armour plus several small decorative boxes full.Anyway I will get all fired up when the sun comes out .My sweet ladies from Germany I found at a yard sale for $3. Just wanted to show a few things I have sitting around that makes me happy. The little girls shirt has damage to her beautiful lace and the lady said that is why she was only $3.                                          

This is a card I embellished years ago. I think this is the first card I ever altered . I had gone to an estate sale and bought a big box of small plastic do dads like this green hat and airplane.

Love this sweet little girl,I added her a crown and the Blessed Mother charm

My shelf I bought at a yard sale once added the bottle brush tree and jar of beads ,rhinestone clothes pins
My little Nicol Sayre doll sitting on a bird nest,I think I'l add glitter to her nest ,she is holding a little glitter bird. behind her is a few Byers Carolers dolls and a tall Santos doll

I forgot to add in my newest Nicol Sayre doll that I bought in Lexington Missouri at a shop having a closing sale 50% off everything  

Believe me I have plenty to do and love all my treasures just need you to tell me to get it done LOL 

A look across the table I create on ,this was taken through a mirror across the room 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Before & After

I wanted to show some pictures of my progress so far rearranging my red transferware dishes in my chippy cabinet in my kitchen. Since I took all these pictures I have rearranged it again. I only have my iphone for pictures,i'm sure a better camera would show them off much better. I needed more lighting, however this past weekend it was rainy and cloudy and depressing  all weekend.
    Light much better now  in this picture  for this picture                                                                       

My square Vista Mason platter 

My large 18 inch platter by Mason Vista pattern 

I have my aprons hanging on the side of this cabinet because my cook stove is to the left of the cabinet. I wear an apron a lot. You can see my cat's food glass compote and pictures of his cat friends down in the lower right side of picture. One picture is his last birthday card, he also has a mirror to look at himself while eating LOL 
Don't  pay attention to the mess around the cabinet just look at dishes LOL  I had my Portmeirion Strawberry Fair dishes in this cabinet . I bought this set back in the 1990's when Kent's Florist and gift shop downtown was selling dishes. I just thought they were wonderful since they were Portmeirion. Now I want red and white transferware                                      

Someone had ask to see my entire Sheep painting. I'm not sure of measurements guessing it's like 2 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet, Its a large painting 

I'm back to work after the weekend of a predicted horrible ice storm which did not happen here.
I need to get really busy on making some Birthday cards and my gosh Valentines will be here before we know it. I didn't have time to get in on some Valentine's Day  cards swaps that I wold have liked to join in. I'm sure you are all ready with your projects. I use to always be ready now I have to many things to distract me from my card making like hunting more dishes  

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tea Cups In Red

My friend who is always showing her beautiful teacups and teapot sets made me think to show off some of my transferware tea cups. I am still looking for a tea pot in my Mason Pattern Vista.

I had to add my rhinestone spoon in the cup for some bling
I found six of these cups for $1.00 a set at a thrift store.,and was thrilled to find them

I'm rearranging a dish safe in my kitchen area and adding all my odds and ends of transferware dishes 

I love my rhinestone spoons I made to entertain myself one day. I used an odd button and necklace on the clear one and an blue rhinestone necklace on the blue spoon.

I had plans today to go shopping at thrift stores and sales however the winter ice storm sort of put a stop to my plans. It is sort of clear now but I have been encouraged to stay home so I am home for today anyway. It's a good day to play with my dishes and try to make a couple greeting cards for friends.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Lovely Winter Whites

As I put away Christmas dishes and look around my house I have plenty of white things to make an all white room and use to have my kitchen all white furniture then blue and white dishes in all my cabinets. Seems a lot of odds and ends have slipped in.
Seems over the years I have added lots color to my kitchen. This large picture of my old sheep use to hang in my kitchen and now is in my living room. It's a large oil painting with other sheep and a chicken in an old hay barn.

 I had a visitor one day that I asked to bring this romantic statue in off my front steps I thought I wanted it inside. Now someone come over and carry it back outside for me LOL
 This is a wonderful chippy white painted cabinet I bought many years ago when chippy furniture was first on the rise.It has several small drawers and then a top like dish safe which is full of Portmeriorn Strawberry Fair dishes . I bought these dishes one year when I got my first ever refund from the IRS LOL I splurged on of all things Dishes LOL
I also have kept this one old pressed back chair because of its design on the back 

I am still working on getting my new Christmas Twas The Night dishes arranged in my old pie safe downstairs in the studio.
It's a pine cabinet and I would love to paint it white before I get it all loaded , however right now not enough room to paint inside.

It's very cold and gloomy weather here today and yesterday. I am working on making a couple Birthday cards and a button covered heart pillow for myself.I just hate using my vintage white buttons on this pillow since they will be permanently glued to the pillow. Then why not? right?

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here We Go Again

Happy 2017 !!! can you believe it? When I was a child in grade school I never could have imagined seeing the year 2000 or really I use to think about that as a child and couldn't imagine 1970 LOL
Look at me now. Out in blog land and enjoying the internet in 2017!

I have been straightening up my house of course like everyone else and got a little shopping in while on break from work.I went internet shopping and found a little creamer to match my Mason red and white dishes now need to look for a sugar bowl to match. Of course at a good price like the creamer.

 I found this creamer on a shopping day out with Bernideen and Gina who is my blog friends here in Columbia Mo . We went to a new shop for us named Enchanting Frog at Lathrop Missouri. We really liked this shop. On the way we stopped at a shop that was closing in Lexington Missouri. I knew the lady and had to go to her final sale, where we got some lovely items also.
 I love this old large pitcher coffee pot? whatever it's lid is missing and has two holes where a lid was attached at one time. Because it was red transferware I had to have it. Got it in Lexington.
 And then ? I went to the after Christmas sale at our local Dillard's and bought myself a 8 place setting of these gorgeous red and white transfeware Christmas dishes named Twas The Night. Last year I only got 3 plates because I arrived to late and this year I was right on time. Stood in line outside for 30 minutes for the doors to open. I even got a large platter and a large serving flat bowl. My plates I got last year had green leaves around the plates

 I am cleaning out an old pine pie safe I have in the studio to arrange all these dishes . I will leave them out year around like I do a lot of my vintage Christmas items. I just really over shopped which I do once in a while ! LOL don't you once in a while over shop? Tell me you do

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