Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tea Cups In Red

My friend who is always showing her beautiful teacups and teapot sets made me think to show off some of my transferware tea cups. I am still looking for a tea pot in my Mason Pattern Vista.

I had to add my rhinestone spoon in the cup for some bling
I found six of these cups for $1.00 a set at a thrift store.,and was thrilled to find them

I'm rearranging a dish safe in my kitchen area and adding all my odds and ends of transferware dishes 

I love my rhinestone spoons I made to entertain myself one day. I used an odd button and necklace on the clear one and an blue rhinestone necklace on the blue spoon.

I had plans today to go shopping at thrift stores and sales however the winter ice storm sort of put a stop to my plans. It is sort of clear now but I have been encouraged to stay home so I am home for today anyway. It's a good day to play with my dishes and try to make a couple greeting cards for friends.

Linky parties I joined in for fun


  1. Dear Janice:
    How totally lovely. Please pass that Bling spoon and I promise to only admire it and NOT put it in my tea! What a lovely collection you have! I am so happy to have you join in and link and share!

  2. Oh my word- Janice - you have a wonderful collection of red transferware - and I love how you style things. You have amazing things and I adore seeing them! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  3. Look at those sparkly spoons...they are gorgeous! Hope you had a nice day! I like a stay at home day every once in awhile! Hugs!

  4. I've long admired your bling spoons! I do intend to make one or two this winter and I shall think of are so creative!

  5. Pretty, pretty Janice! Be sure and show us your cabinet when done.

  6. I love transferware and I think red is my favorite. Beautiful pieces, Janice.

    We were to have ice storms as well but nothing happened. All for the best though.

    Jane x

  7. Oh, Janice, I LOVE the pattern of your red transfer ware !! I don't think I'm familiar with it....but I will be keeping my eye open for it now!! :) And OMG...what a cute idea to bling up the old sliver spoons!! So beautiful!! Can you share what type of glue you use....I'm a fan of E600 (if that's the right number, I never recall it, I just know it when I see it! haha)

    I saw on FB that Lee's Summit didn't get any ice yesterday, but in Independence we sure did! It's raining right now and freezing in spots. The icing is not going to be as bad a first predicted, but ice is ice and I respect it! Especially after dealing with the storm of '02! I have forgotten where you said you lived...I'm guessing around Columbia. That's so great that you have relatives in LS!! There are great shops in that area....and I'm sure you know about Greenwood! :)

    Have a safe rest of the PS weekend!! Dana

    1. Yes Dana the glue I use is E6000 I think it will hold anything together and dries clear.
      I stayed home and off the roads even though I think I have cabin fever and need to get out and thrift shop LOL

  8. What a lovely collection of red transferwares. I'm also admiring the rhinestone spoons. So pretty!

  9. I do love red transferware. That's a wonderful collection!

  10. Gorgeous transferware! I have been trying to collect the bread and butter plates from the Old England Castles series. They are red transferware and I am fascinated by them. I know there are quite a few castles depicted, but I am only aiming for five-ten plates to display on the wall. Anyway, your collection is really gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. P.S. I forgot that I wanted to say how fun I think the sparkly spoons are!

  12. you have such pretty dishes and cups etc! Love to see them! I remember when you made those pretty spoons, great to see them again!

  13. Your rhinestone spoons are fabulous! Just fabulous!

    And I do love transferware and your collection is magnificent! Such pretty patterns. What a nice way to start my day!

  14. Janice, I love that -- "a good day to play with my dishes"! I love transferware but only have blue. I don't dare get started on the red or brown!

  15. Janice, I love the collection of red transferware. I just received some blue pieces myself which supplements my collection. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  16. Hi Janice, I always love coming for a visit. You a have the best findings. Loving this beautiful red collections and it looks so beautiful with your jeweled spoons, gorgeous.
    Sending blessing,

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