Monday, January 30, 2017


Remember back (1990's) when a lot of us were into making Samplers? well anyway I was Hahah. I loved them and never could afford the ones from 1700-1800's so got patterns and made my own.
This first one is one I had my daughter who was in junior high at the time make for me. I seen an antique one just like this once in an antique shop. It's quite a large in the frame it is 17x21 inches. 1989
This is a sampler I purchased at a store in Sturgeon Missouri years ago and loved the dark linen it was made on.1988 It's a copy from 1888 sampler

This is a picture of it of course in the sun so you can see the colors better

I started this sampler once and ask a niece to finish it for me, she was about 10 and loved cross stitch so I gave her this for a project. 1994 

I did this sampler sort of free hand I just made it up , I did look at some pictures of letters to make the alphabet. I loved the little houses on the bottom. I even made a quilt squares with the little houses and sure I sold them at a  yard sale once because they aren't in any of the studio storage boxes. 1994

This I started off looking at a paper towel pattern I had. I bought every roll of paper towels  with this pattern on them.I always liked samplers and still do.. This is not framed just laying around the studio for me to look at it.                                                                         I am sure this was early 1990's

 Just more things in the studio. I am getting ready for the annual Indoor Garage Sale at our Holiday Inn West across from our Mall . It's Sunday February 5th noon till 3 pm . Last year it was held on a Sunday and it was the largest amount of people ever shopping.

Well I have got to get to work 

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  1. These are so sweet Janice - each one a piece of art!

  2. Hi Janice, I did a couple of those myself back in the 90's, still have the one. Yours are all so sweet. You need to hang them up somewhere. :)
    Do I need to look at your stuff before you take it for the sale?

  3. I love samplers. I have two in my antiques booth from the twenties and have marked them down to $75. each. I'm afraid I won't be able to give them away.

  4. My favorite sampler was created by my cousin. She stitched "This sampler was made by Tara Ray and she hated every minute of it." :) Have a wonderful week!

  5. i have a hard time doing the cross stitch. Yours are beautiful. I do like to embroider through.


  6. I did cross stitch back then and really enjoyed it. Still have what I really is timeless! Hugs!

  7. I love samplers too and have rescued some from Goodwills just to give them a loving home.

  8. Janice! it's Joni - you won the giveaway!! the bottle from artie!!!send me your email address ASAP!!!! send it to me at thanks!!!

    1. Well I have tried your email 3 times and its always returned undeliverable? darn

  9. I'm so passonate with ancient samplers, with this post of yours you've brought such a joy to my heart, thank you sweet Janice !

    Hope you're having a great week so far,
    I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you

    XO Dany

  10. Such lovely work! Love your 1989 sampler. Enjoy the day and thank you SO MUCH for linking up with Let's Talk Vintage!

  11. I have always loved samplers, but, like you, I certainly couldn't afford an authentic one. I have done cross stitch in the past and think I will have to get back to it. Yours are just beautiful. Thanks for your kind words to me..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. I love them too. I have one that I made back in 1981, but don't have it hanging anywhere right now. Would love to run across a vintage one or two. :)

  13. I really admire those. I used to cross stitch but gave it up (too many hobbies). Nice to have a date for each one.

  14. Giving you a feature today at Let's Talk Vintage! Thanks so much for joining in each week!

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