Monday, November 25, 2013

Lace Dream

I know everybody is posting Christmas decor already and it's all gorgeous however i'm not ready to post Christmas yet.
I have been really in the mood to play with my lace and make something not especially pillows maybe lace covered box or something like that.
Just so I can drag out my little suitcases full of vintage lace and play

Wouldn't it be dreamy to have all of these ? 
I found this picture in one of my Victorian magazines I think ? and always loved it thinking I could make those someday 

Thinking also do I want to use my pearl handled flatware for Thanksgiving ? yes 

Happy Thanksgiving 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Story

I guess I should get the Butterball frozen turkey out of the freezer so it can de defrosting? I heard on the news it needs 4-6 days to defrost in refrigerator. Also that they announced there may be a shortage of fresh turkeys this year?  maybe at the price we want to pay uh?
My Grandmother always had fresh turkeys when I was a kid and one year we has pheasants instead I was so disappointed. my Grandfather has been pheasant hunting LOL we still had dressing and mashed potatoes gravy and pie. But I still whined LOL

Let me tell you about my first experience cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.
I did know to buy a fresh turkey and my parents and younger sisters were driving up to Sterling Illinois where my husband and I had moved from Mt Vernon Illinois, my home town where we got married. Anyway off to the grocery store to buy potatoes canned green beans and a fresh turkey.
I unwrapped the bird put it on a cookie sheet and in the oven it went about an hour before everyone was to arrive.! I didn't wash it take anything out of the inside of the bird didn't rub it with butter and spices like grandma did LOL
I guess I didn't pay much attention as what Grandma and my Mom did in the kitchen after all LOL
needless to say we had mashed potatoes green beans and hot rolls for diner that day. My Mom redid the turkey and put it back in the oven I think ? 
We had moved in a very small upstairs apartment and couldn't open any windows because they were painted shut.I remember we all set out on the stairwell because our apartment was very hot with the oven on. Also there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground. I remember my Mom telling me she kept trying to get my dad to turn around and go home because of bad roads. I was so home sick I would have cried all day if they had turned around and not come for Thanksgiving

Found My Turkey Dome picture

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Santos Dolled Up

Well I laugh at myself when I see these pictures because well all I can say is I tried LOL to get my head thoughts on this Santos
I am an artist only in my head I have such wonderful ideas however just can't produce them in actions
I still need to add something to her hands. I had a star and will work on it to get it glued or attached somehow

pictures in progress


I started with an old Victorian calender from 1995 to make her top and skirt

I took March and cut out her top and skirt and then the reverse side with numbers for her wings which I think need to be larger . I did try to darken her skin and couldn't find any paint or stain so used Old English which doesn't have her a good rich dark patina she needs to be
I used Mod podge glue to stick her top to her and of course had to add some glitter to her skirt 

It was fun laughing all the time and thinking well this keeps me busy with something to do anyway. Also a peak in my messy studio 

I still want something else on her shirt and a star in her crown. I hung a  black rosary and a cross necklace around her neck

I had a different crown I was going to use it was an old kerosene lamp piece however the jeweled one fit her much better . I was going to cut the lamp piece down and then glitter it up 


OK Now I think i'm done with all the extra things like the star in her crown and a huge snowflake around her neck 

She may get a different look altogether after I find my paint looks like she has freckles in the above picture LOL 

Here she is completed 

If you didn't read my last post I started with this a prairie girl from goodwill 
I usually like maybe 3 picture however I had to show ever step in playing with my new santos doll 

Today is my Birthday November 17 do any of you have a birthday today also?

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 For a couple of years I have wanted one of those Santos dolls that Ballard Designs have had on their web page .The large cage dolls.
I just knew I didn't need anything else in my house since I am trying to clean out all of my once loved items
I was at Goodwill in Jefferson City Missouri and seen this doll in the toy section of dolls and looked at her face and it was wood so I felt of her arms and they moved like jointed ? So I pulled up her dress and looked at her legs, wood ? I wonder if I could make me a Santos doll out of this ? I said to myself
I always try to make something  look like something I didn't want to spend big bucks on like a $200 Santos Doll
I gave $4 for her and brought her home and stripped her of her prairie clothing to make her a new era Santos

Her clothing came off great just a few broken stitches and TAA DAA

I have an idea in my mind how I want to fix her up however getting my idea on her will be a different thing
Now we will see if you ever get to see her completed. Like I said I have all these ideas and don't get half of them completed. I hope some of you are like me and don't get all your ideas completed so I won't feel like so bad LOL

I like this one and NO Ballard Designs has not offered me anything for mentioning their site they don't know me or my blog LOL just wanted you to know my idea
There is another one I love however couldn't copy it 

I really am going right to the studio and look at my inspiration picture and get to work , maybe you will see her completed or a picture of what I was going for.
I know lots of the Santos aren't dresses however some have glitter wings LOL

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This is what I want her to look similar to a Wendy Addison creation 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Company Coming

Today I was thinking what the heck am I  going to post about today. The Yard sale is over and I got rid of a lot of things I was ready to pass on ,sell, give a way whatever. It was a fun day a couple gals came over I use to work with at Verizon and I hadn't seen them for a couple years. Also some old neighbors drove by and stopped to visit.
I had a pot of chili on the stove so had lunch ready and it was cold here Friday very windy. My sister and I had a few cups of chili while playing with my yard sale. My next door neighbor was also helping.
Gina from Victorian  Wanna Be  came by also. It's always fun to visit with Gina

Also I have  a friend from Kentucky coming up this week from Paducah. She is coming up to visit her sister in Fulton Missouri so I will get to see her also we were friends when we was in our 20's .
I have been friends with her sister for a few good years also.
This picture is some of the items setting on top of my old shabby chic chippy china cabinet in my kitchen . I had all the china powder puff gals in this vintage cup that say Think of Me

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Next Up Thanksgiving

Here I am up at 1 am can't sleep and have a yard sale in the morning and so much stuff to get out don't know if it will all be on tables or people can just dig through the plastic tubs it's mostly in. I went to sleep about 9:30 now wide awake .
I thought might as well change from my Halloween pumpkin to my Turkey plate on my blog while i'm up. I am cooking the bird this year so can use all my brown & white tranferware dishes. If you were around last year to see my turkey plates you seen the brown & white ones then the same plate with colors. I like them both so just mix them up

OK we got through Halloween and now we are onto the rush of Thanksgiving which I can't believe,
We can be checking prices for our turkey's now. LOL


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