Sunday, November 17, 2013

Santos Dolled Up

Well I laugh at myself when I see these pictures because well all I can say is I tried LOL to get my head thoughts on this Santos
I am an artist only in my head I have such wonderful ideas however just can't produce them in actions
I still need to add something to her hands. I had a star and will work on it to get it glued or attached somehow

pictures in progress


I started with an old Victorian calender from 1995 to make her top and skirt

I took March and cut out her top and skirt and then the reverse side with numbers for her wings which I think need to be larger . I did try to darken her skin and couldn't find any paint or stain so used Old English which doesn't have her a good rich dark patina she needs to be
I used Mod podge glue to stick her top to her and of course had to add some glitter to her skirt 

It was fun laughing all the time and thinking well this keeps me busy with something to do anyway. Also a peak in my messy studio 

I still want something else on her shirt and a star in her crown. I hung a  black rosary and a cross necklace around her neck

I had a different crown I was going to use it was an old kerosene lamp piece however the jeweled one fit her much better . I was going to cut the lamp piece down and then glitter it up 


OK Now I think i'm done with all the extra things like the star in her crown and a huge snowflake around her neck 

She may get a different look altogether after I find my paint looks like she has freckles in the above picture LOL 

Here she is completed 

If you didn't read my last post I started with this a prairie girl from goodwill 
I usually like maybe 3 picture however I had to show ever step in playing with my new santos doll 

Today is my Birthday November 17 do any of you have a birthday today also?

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I love the little dress in the last picture and wondering if you made it. Hope you have a very special day.

  2. Wow, you did a wonderful job...she looks amazing!

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    I love the way you did the skirt with the fan folds and glitter.

  4. Happy Birthday! Wow - she is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Good Evening Janice, Happy Birthday to you, I hope you have a fabulous birthday today. Your Santos doll is look very pretty, I love the pleated skirt and golden crown, she looks fabulous.
    I have to tell you Janice, your studio looks much tidier than my sewing room.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Best Wishes

  6. Janice, you did an amazing job! Love the materials you used, now that's thinking outside the box! She is just gorgeous. May you have the happiest of birthdays.
    Big hugs,

  7. Happy Birthday and what a beautiful job!
    you are a very talented lady.

  8. I think you did a FABULOUS job!!! XOXO

  9. I think she is gorgeous!
    You have me thinking about starting a doll board on Pinterest so I can pin her.
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Love her, she is precious. You did an amazing job, love her skirt is gorgeous and the crown out o the kerosene lamp, brilliant.

  11. Happy Birthday! I think she is perfect, Her crown, wings, skirt, and coloring! Great job, don't change a thing!


  12. she is amazing...I collect Santos too! Hope you had a very happy day!

  13. First, thank you for visiting me. Second, love your santos doll, she is precious and third, Happy, Happy Birthday, hope you have enjoyed your day, My birthday is in January. I have several santos dolls, I have not made them guess you can say that I collect them, I just love dolls, all dolls. Birthday hug...Lu

  14. Oh wow Janice, I'm impressed! It looks good! I love the use of the Victorian calendar pieces on her. Have fun, I'm sure, if you're like me, every time you look at her you will add something or change something. :)

  15. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I hope you are still celebrating and eating cake at midnight! Sending you LOTS of birthday HUGS! And I love your precious Santos doll. The special touches you've added and that beautiful gold crown have transformed her into a beauty! What a wonderful project! I'm amazed! Enjoy your day and birthday week! Sweet birthday hugs coming your way from Florida, Diane

  16. That is very cool...I love her pleated skirt...and her crown!!

  17. I think she's just adorable! Love everything that you did for her. I LOVE all of my Santos. The family thinks I'm a bit goofy! They have jewelry and crowns hanging on them most of the time. Great job on your new girl!!

  18. Happy Birthday! I just love her. Her crown, pleated skirt, wings just everything about her. She is definitely a very special Santos creation. She is lovely!!

  19. I love her transformation! She is beautiful, especially her skirt. Visiting you back from my blog!

  20. Oh your Santos doll is superb! Love everything about her including her skirt, wings and golden crown. Don't change a thing and hope you had a most joyful Birthday dear!
    Happy Belated Birthday Hugs,

  21. Beautiful work of art, I make crowns that fit well on the santos dolls heads.
    I have some larger crowns I created on my new post, perhaps they may inspire you.

    Thank you for your visit to my last post featuring our little GreyHound Pia Bleu.

    Will enjoy getting to know you much better.


  22. Wow, Such lovely work and so much happier than the original doll (who looks a bit dour. I think I would feel a little fed-up in that dress). The crown is really pretty and the fan pleated skirt is just right, makes her look a little like a Christmas Fairy.

  23. Oh my goodness! I just read up on how you found and did up this santo. What an amazing find! And what a wonderful job you did! My santo is an old one, and a bit large. About two feet tall. I want to dress mine up and make wings too. SOMEDAY! haha! Mine does not have the skirt cage. But I love the paper skirt on Wendy Addison's too. I admire what you have done with yours. Thanks for coming by!

  24. what you did with this goodwill find is simply fabulous! your blog is full of vintage goodness:) have a wonderful xmas!

  25. How fun this had to be, dolling her all up..She is precious. Just love all the goodies you used to make her quite fancy. One can tell she's full of love passed on to her.