Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 For a couple of years I have wanted one of those Santos dolls that Ballard Designs have had on their web page .The large cage dolls.
I just knew I didn't need anything else in my house since I am trying to clean out all of my once loved items
I was at Goodwill in Jefferson City Missouri and seen this doll in the toy section of dolls and looked at her face and it was wood so I felt of her arms and they moved like jointed ? So I pulled up her dress and looked at her legs, wood ? I wonder if I could make me a Santos doll out of this ? I said to myself
I always try to make something  look like something I didn't want to spend big bucks on like a $200 Santos Doll
I gave $4 for her and brought her home and stripped her of her prairie clothing to make her a new era Santos

Her clothing came off great just a few broken stitches and TAA DAA

I have an idea in my mind how I want to fix her up however getting my idea on her will be a different thing
Now we will see if you ever get to see her completed. Like I said I have all these ideas and don't get half of them completed. I hope some of you are like me and don't get all your ideas completed so I won't feel like so bad LOL

I like this one and NO Ballard Designs has not offered me anything for mentioning their site they don't know me or my blog LOL just wanted you to know my idea
There is another one I love however couldn't copy it 

I really am going right to the studio and look at my inspiration picture and get to work , maybe you will see her completed or a picture of what I was going for.
I know lots of the Santos aren't dresses however some have glitter wings LOL

linky parties 

This is what I want her to look similar to a Wendy Addison creation 



  1. Don't feel bad, I never complete all my projects.

  2. It looks really good with what you've done! I love her!

  3. This could be a challenge to figure out how to do, but a fun one. I've got a few "unfinished" projects.

  4. I like it as it is, but I am in the middle (er, maybe fourth finished) making my own Santos doll. I know how it is to search for the perfect Santos without breaking the budget. I think you found a winner.

  5. What a great piece of luck, that doll looks like the perfect starting place for your Santos vision. If it takes a while to become reality, don't worry, you are NOT alone in that, trust me!

  6. I love her joints.... as she is now.My three are jointed also.... I would stain her darker or do her distressed white and do her face and upper neckline a dark flesh color with more brown stain wiped over top. She would look just like mine that you like only she is much larger :D You could also then give her an antique wire hoop skirt -no fabric if you like. That would be easy to make. I always plan to do that to mine someday..for a "party " outfit lol

  7. What a great deal, she's going to be fabulous when you're finished with her. Love the sample doll you want her to look like. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to complete even a fraction of the ideas I have in my head:-)

  8. Oh, I see why your heart was set on having one! Sooo gorgeous! I just know you will be able to recreate the design. Good luck! Great find!

  9. She'll be exceptional when she's finished! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment :) ~Pernilla

  10. Your doll is beautiful and I'm pretty certain you can make her look like the Wendy Adison doll. What a fun find and great project to work on.
    Have a good day and thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!

  11. I liked her little frock. I don't know much about Santos dolls but I look forward to seeing your vision. I take it you have an angel in mind? Thank you for sharing your little treasure at my HOME and have a lovely day.


  12. That's a beautiful doll and I'm sure you can make her as gorgeous as what's on your minds eye. Loving her old clothes too by the way, but nothing Santos about that :) Wishing you a sweet day, hugs

  13. Mercy you are one smart, talented lady. You did a wonderful job on the doll.

  14. Wow, what a great job sweet laqdy, you are amazing! Your doll is beautiful and I specially love Santos and she's gonna look even better than the angel model. Thanks for coming by, you made my day. Yes, I'm dragging the C'mas stuff 2 weeks already and I'm not finished yet, geezzzz!!!!!!

  15. What great find! I love this wooden doll you brought home. Great idea to make it into a Santos doll. I did something similar recently with an old china doll, and posted about it at my blog. Santos dolls are fabulous, but so expensive indeed! Good luck with your project - the Wendy Addison doll is a great inspiration. Found you via Grey Dey Thursday....

  16. That doll is wonderful. Wonder what her history is. How old do you think she is. I signed up for a class online to make my own Santos doll a couple months ago. I haven't started yet but I think it will be fun. I have a angel bust that looks like a Santos. I also just won another bust that looks like one I saw in the Ballard catalog. I can't wait to get it. These dolls can be addicting. I n a good way, of course.

  17. It looks like you are in for a fun transformation. I agree, no way I would pay that much for one of those Santos dolls. I found a few little ones that were ornaments last year at Pottery Barn, but that is as close as I will ever get to one. Thank you for stopping by to visit me. Alaina

  18. You were certainly lucky to find one for such a great price. I love Santos dolls. Hope she turns out the way you imagine. You can do it!