Friday, November 1, 2013

Next Up Thanksgiving

Here I am up at 1 am can't sleep and have a yard sale in the morning and so much stuff to get out don't know if it will all be on tables or people can just dig through the plastic tubs it's mostly in. I went to sleep about 9:30 now wide awake .
I thought might as well change from my Halloween pumpkin to my Turkey plate on my blog while i'm up. I am cooking the bird this year so can use all my brown & white tranferware dishes. If you were around last year to see my turkey plates you seen the brown & white ones then the same plate with colors. I like them both so just mix them up

OK we got through Halloween and now we are onto the rush of Thanksgiving which I can't believe,
We can be checking prices for our turkey's now. LOL


LInky parties to enjoy


  1. Good Morning Janice, Thanksgiving is creeping up on you very quickly and as my mother would say "it will be here before you know it". What a lovely way to present your turkey on your beautiful transfer plates...... they are lovely.
    I am thinking about you, I wish I could pop along and visit your yard sale..... I just know I would find some wonderful things to buy.
    I do hope you managed to get back to sleep for a few hours.... you probably woke up because your head was spinning with the thought of the yard sale.
    Enjoy today.
    Best Wishes

  2. Those platters are really pretty. Now that it is November, we can no longer deny that it is Fall and the cozy season is upon us!

  3. Oh I tyotally love the turkey platter in transferware. Now we are starting Thanksgiving month, it's perfect! Hugs,

  4. Yes, here we go! Thanksgiving will be here soon and then it's on to Christmas. Amazing how quickly time passes! Love the pretty transfer ware.

  5. I have that turkey plate, got it at Home Goods.

  6. I have a set of brown transferware dishes and love the platters. Hope you had success with the garage sale.

  7. Wow, Lovely dishes! I love them both but I am partial to the brown and white transfer ware. It is amazing how the same pattern can look so different with just the change in colors. Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  8. Oh my gosh Janice, love the turkey platters, especially the colorful one! It was so good seeing you on Friday.
    Take care,

  9. Love the brown transferware plate and I bet your table is lovely. Good luck with your garage sale.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Trreasures

  10. Just getting to your Pink Sat post. Hope you had a successful sale. Amazing that Thanksgiving is so close now. I LOVE your turkey plate!