Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Story

I guess I should get the Butterball frozen turkey out of the freezer so it can de defrosting? I heard on the news it needs 4-6 days to defrost in refrigerator. Also that they announced there may be a shortage of fresh turkeys this year?  maybe at the price we want to pay uh?
My Grandmother always had fresh turkeys when I was a kid and one year we has pheasants instead I was so disappointed. my Grandfather has been pheasant hunting LOL we still had dressing and mashed potatoes gravy and pie. But I still whined LOL

Let me tell you about my first experience cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.
I did know to buy a fresh turkey and my parents and younger sisters were driving up to Sterling Illinois where my husband and I had moved from Mt Vernon Illinois, my home town where we got married. Anyway off to the grocery store to buy potatoes canned green beans and a fresh turkey.
I unwrapped the bird put it on a cookie sheet and in the oven it went about an hour before everyone was to arrive.! I didn't wash it take anything out of the inside of the bird didn't rub it with butter and spices like grandma did LOL
I guess I didn't pay much attention as what Grandma and my Mom did in the kitchen after all LOL
needless to say we had mashed potatoes green beans and hot rolls for diner that day. My Mom redid the turkey and put it back in the oven I think ? 
We had moved in a very small upstairs apartment and couldn't open any windows because they were painted shut.I remember we all set out on the stairwell because our apartment was very hot with the oven on. Also there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground. I remember my Mom telling me she kept trying to get my dad to turn around and go home because of bad roads. I was so home sick I would have cried all day if they had turned around and not come for Thanksgiving

Found My Turkey Dome picture

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  1. I love those shakers! What a great collection. Yup, lots to do to get ready. I spied your red transferware on your side bar. Going to check it out and do a bit of drooling! lol!

  2. What a story. I am glad they made it through and spent Thanksgiving with you- good old Dad wasn't going to let you down. I laughed about your turkey story- I suppose the juice ran all over the oven, too. lol Well, look how far you have come!!! Love your silver shakers! xo Diana

  3. Cute story and a very good example of thankfulness - your family was there to love you. Thanks for popping in to see my Tilda.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. That is a long time to defrost a turkey.
    A friend of mine left her turkey to defrost in the cold oven overnight one Christmas Eve. They came down to an awful stench on Christmas morning. The turkey had turned bad. Christmas morning saw her driving round the roads in search of ANY shop open. Luckily she found an Indian grocer's and bought some cheap frozen meat. xx

    1. Hi Andi
      I miss your blog?
      Did you quit blogging or am i just not finding you

    2. Haven't been into it this year. Am enjoying reading my favourite blogs but can't summon the interest to post on my own. May do something soon though, after a fab trip to Norway. xx

  5. What a sad first turkey cooking. When I got married I told people I had to learn to boil water and that was only a bit of an exaggeration. How cool your daughter is named Terra too. My parents came up with my name while walking in the desert, Terra means Earth in Latin, and I turned out to be very conservation oriented.

  6. ha...the first time I cooked our family turkey I was thawing in the bathtub..gross...except it was the guest tub that no one ever used...I was so innocent back then..had no idea how long that was going to take!

  7. I love your silver dome and the salt shakers. A few years ago my DIL hosted Thanksgiving at their house. She forgot to thaw the turkey and tried to cook it frozen. It cooked seven hours and was still raw in the middle. Luckily they also had a precooked ham. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  8. You gave me a good laugh as I did nearly the same thing my first time. I managed to stuff it and cook it properly but didn't know there were two cavities and wondered where the neck was. Well, we did find it later, still in it's paper bag - haha!

  9. That dome is pretty awesome. Your story is a perfect illustration of why I have my husband cook turkey. Happy Thanksgiving, Olive

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