Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Quick Happy Halloween

Vintage Pumpkin Halloween Paper Mache Retro 1950's

I almost forgot today is Halloween can you believe that? I have been real busy this week trying to pack things that  I am ready to distribute onto other who may want them. In other words getting ready for a fall yard sale this weekend
This is a little paper mache pumpkin I bought at an store in town that sold Wendy Addison products if you know this designer of paper products she did all the Glitter Letters, garland etc

Have a safe day watch out for all the little kiddos running across the roads and streets

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Friday, October 25, 2013


I have been  very busy with things besides cleaning house  however as I looked around and thought about what I was going to post about next I seen my little animals setting on a shelf besides my kitchen sink.
I purchased this Spode set of spice jars years ago and have never got tired of seeing them them, There is 6 altogether

I do my post one at a time what ever comes to mind I post about it and take pictures etc. I was reading a post where a gal had 200 drafts of post already made up? Wow

Another thing while i'm thinking out loud I have read several blogs that I loved reading and just couldn't wait to see what they posted about next and ALL of a sudden no posts no explanations no nothing they just QUIT. One gal was in Germany I remember her blog name as Vintage Girl , she always dressed so cute and came to Texas to buy Magnolia Pearls clothing line . Remember her?

Anyway that has been on my mind about why they quit blogging maybe bored with it

Besides my spice jars I have this large ironstone platter on my kitchen counter and it has all the cows grassing in front of a huge farm house. I usually only have blue & white in my kitchen however couldn't pass up the cow platter (since cows are popular now LOL)
Then the cow in front of my chalkboard platter  I got new at a local antique shop with a gift card I won at the store
         Those are some of my roma tomatoes I grew  in my flower bed. I picked them all before our 25 degrees temperature this morning                                    

Another thing on my mind this morning I was reading a blog where a gal listed 10 things we didn't know about her.
I was thinking wow that is brave of her of course they were little bitty things not like the Big 10 things I could mention about me and my life LOL

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Face Time

I like any old or new clock with a pretty face especially Roman Numerals as the numbers .I have an old ship clock face which intrigued me when I bought it even without a  pretty face I liked the bakelite case and because I had never seen one before.
As I rearrange things in the house I find something I hadn't looked at for some time and say oh you're so pretty and here is some of my pretty clock faces.

 I have been soaking and washing some of my vintage linens and ironing it and thought my little ornament clock looked so pretty laying on the fresh ironed hand towels
I have two of these little clocks

This sets on my bookcase in the living room I bought it at an estate sale once however it runs on a battery so not so vintage however she looks good LOL


Then my old ship clock which I love setting on my book cases. I took it outside to really look it over and in the nature light you can see the face much nicer than inside 

 The face unscrews from the case to open

I have been trying to clean off some book shelves in the studio since I have massive amounts of boxes of  card making vintage papers I have kept and now I want a new look in one part of my studio . If the handyman ever gets my new window in I can put things back in there proper lace 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Man

As Richard at My Old Historic House would say I have a new relative in the house. He talks about buying relatives well I bought my lady painting a man. However I think he is the wrong age for her but she will just have to settle for him. You know man painting are hard to come buy anyway young man paintings her age LOL
I bought this at a local resale shop ( Upscale Resale) for a very good price here in Columbia. My Lady  was a high priced painting however I loved her

 I will have to say this is her father


I have a gallery wall as you walk in my living room where all my paintings are hanging , My sheep painting is to the right from my new ole man painting 

Then I showed my little girl I found at a resale shop in St Louis once  

I know they all aren't from the same era but what matters is I like them

My daughter is on her way back to Portland Oregon today so I am back to work and trying to catch up on my entertainment my blog LOL and wanting to add a few more little items to my etsy shop 

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Resale Shop


Hi everybody  my daughter From Portland Oregon is here visiting and we drove to St Louis Mo yesterday to shop a little. We made it to the Galleria and Chesterfield area .
She wanted to go to the store Women's Closet Exchange On Gravois Road a high end resale store that buys clothes from coast to coast from stars and TV celebrities and will buy from you
Her friend at St Helen's Oregon always watches the show on Style network I think on Sunday evenings and Kathy wanted Tammy to visit the store and tell her what all is there.
It looked a little sparse to me they are changing from summer clothing and shoes to fall and winter items and had 50% sale on summer shoes.These are all top designer shoes which I couldn't walk in if they had my size .Most had 3 1/2 -6 inch heels on them, pretty to look at.  However the Louis Vuitton cases were full and the Dior bags case was full
Anyway I love shoes and clothing and I always enjoy going to this store

I have been viewing a lot of blogs with their fall decor and wanted to show you the top of a bookcase in my house with what I am calling My fall Decor LOL

It does have my dried hydrangeas from last year and the colors are fall right? Those are my $2  staffordshire dogs I got at a church resale shop in Higgensville  Mo once on a trip up to my sisters
Then I love my leather hat box and the faux alligator smaller hat box


I don't want to work today with my daughter here visiting ,yesterday I took off work to go to St louis Mo 

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Studio Clutter

As I dug through small items to list on my etsy shop I found some items I hadn't played with for some time.
Sally my mannequin on the right and Wire Lady on left standing in front of my sewing table
They are not usually in this position . Wire Lady has a lace collar on off an old victorian dress and then I have my button collar I made over it . Guess I should have straighten these gals up a little. I had no idea they would be on display today 

 I was moving things over so a repairman could get to one of my windows I am having replaced due to age and wood root. Something I didn't want to spend my hard earned money on. I picked up all my Shiny Brite boxes and piled on my sewing table so he wouldn't step on them
 I am purging lots Christmas smalls at this time. I have a sacks  full of garland I will put in my yard sale it's all newer garland big garland not just small tinsel garland. I use to do different color trees every year. One year all red one year all white, you know the routine. Also I use to have a Christmas Party every year and invite girl friends over for snacks and to view all my vintage Christmas decor
I don't know why I got on Christmas LOL Oh I know why because I was adding etsy Christmas items
Soon as I listed some items they sold

I have removed all these plastic Santas and the German candle holders and the old Folgers keys I made into  icicles buy pulling the wound up key out .You can see several on the right of this metal tree

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Friday, October 4, 2013


I want to show you my Golden Anniversary KitchenAid mixer that was given to me recently. I have a newer KitchenAid but I wasn't going to turn this sweetie down by no means.

So during the holidays I can whip up batches of cookies and cakes two at a time LOL. I was really surprised when I started reading the instruction book it said 1965 Golden Anniversary.

 Now this is from  Nancy's family where I got the little white doll chest filled with 1950's toys and dolls
 I guess their Mom got it way back in 1965 and took very good care of it. I have used it 3 times making banana bread
 The original instruction booklet and all the attachments and plus  2 mixing  bowls
 Would you have said No I don't want it?  if it was offered to you since you have a lot newer Kitchen Aid mixer? No way
I read a gals blog where she took apart her KitchenAid and spray painted it if I can find the post I will share it here Found It 

  Some of you gals probably was'n't even  old enough to remember 1965 or wasn't even born yet? I was a teenager 
KitchenAid was 50 years old way back then 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Flea Market Finds

We had a open air flea market last Saturday at Artichoke Annies Antique Mall close to Columbia Mo at east Millersburg exit.
I found some good items for me and I told my sister I am JUST  going to look and see what people are bringing out to sale LOL
I bought a few very inexpensive item like two more red & whites plates to add to my tranferware collection.
The price was crazy good $1.00 each plate

 I just could not pass them by


There was some women there set up from Jefferson City Mo and they had everything I like now, buttons, shiny brite Christmas balls and vintage lace  linens etc etc
    This first flat was originally $10 which I was considering and so I made the rounds a couple times and came back and she had marked it to $5 so just had to get them. This was about 8:30 am
I either want to make a wreath or try to make a wreath with all vintage Christmas items this box has some great items in it   33 items total                                        
 Then more Shiny Brites in boxes for $ 6 box ,I am doing a tree this year no lights just Shiny Brite on it

Then I bought some tablecloths made out of cotton lace which I have several however when they are a steel at 50 cents  each a girl just has to bring them home right? yes
This gal had a huge plastic bind  full of anything in it 50 cents I dug for 30 minutes found some things I hadn't seen for some time. I went back to her area 3 times
It was very entertaining to me then sister and I headed to Bob Evans for breakfast and coffee

Here is a brown & white transferware small platter I got at my neighbors yard sale for a quarter


 It was a fun good find week for me. I have been busy trying to get more items on my etsy shop that I am ready to pass on to someone else

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