Friday, October 4, 2013


I want to show you my Golden Anniversary KitchenAid mixer that was given to me recently. I have a newer KitchenAid but I wasn't going to turn this sweetie down by no means.

So during the holidays I can whip up batches of cookies and cakes two at a time LOL. I was really surprised when I started reading the instruction book it said 1965 Golden Anniversary.

 Now this is from  Nancy's family where I got the little white doll chest filled with 1950's toys and dolls
 I guess their Mom got it way back in 1965 and took very good care of it. I have used it 3 times making banana bread
 The original instruction booklet and all the attachments and plus  2 mixing  bowls
 Would you have said No I don't want it?  if it was offered to you since you have a lot newer Kitchen Aid mixer? No way
I read a gals blog where she took apart her KitchenAid and spray painted it if I can find the post I will share it here Found It 

  Some of you gals probably was'n't even  old enough to remember 1965 or wasn't even born yet? I was a teenager 
KitchenAid was 50 years old way back then 

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  1. Oh I lopve your gifted yet!...vintage Kitchen Aid; it's so adorable, the color and features too. Oh no, I was around in 1965, I was 13 and falling in love with Paul McCartney, lol! Thanks for sharing. Hugs,

  2. It's amazing how well things were made back then, no wonder it's still going strong all these years later. I was around in 1965, but my mom always had an electric hand mixer we used. What a great gift!!

  3. Wow...what a gem! Love the cord, and I remember when cords were like that!...Thanks for stopping by! p

  4. I remember 1965 but my mother never did own a fine KitchenAid like that. Yours is the first one I have seen with the grinder attachment. I am currently using a chrome Hamilton Beach from about the same era. Hard to beat that made in America steel!

  5. I was a teenager in 1965 also. What a great gift for you! Thanks for sharing with us at TTF!

  6. What a fantastic gift! You are so lucky. It's wonderful that it is still in great working condition.

  7. Awesome. That is a handsome machine. I wouldn't paint it, it looks great. My mom had a Sunbeam Mixmaster in the fifties.
    So glad your friends offered it to you.
    Have a blessed weekend, Ginger

  8. Good Morning Janice, We were teenagers together in 1965 as I was 13 years old and listening to The Byrds, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. How wonderful to be gifted this fabulous KitchenAid..... do you know, I don't think I can see a difference with the one I own, the style hasn't changed over the years.
    My mum, Phyllis gave me her 1970's Kenwood with all the attachments and I still use it.
    I love that you have made three batches of banana bread with your new, but old, KitchenAid.... may it give you pleasure for many more years.
    Best Wishes to you,

  9. Wow, now that is too cool. I thought it was a new one at first! They really have not changed much over the years. What a treasure!

  10. Wow, what a great win!!! I would love to have one....I see TONS of baked goods with both mixers in your future!


  11. How wonderful! My mom has the same mixer in the same color but it is a 1970, and I think the cord is different. She still has the grinder and all the attachments. That mixer was and still is used every day. We thought it died a few years back, but it was only a loose wire. An easy fix.

    I can remember being 8 years old (in 1970) and making peanut butter cookies by myself. I have always loved to cook and baking since I was very small. You really can't beat a Kitchen Aid. I have my own purchased in 1980 for $170.00. A lot of money for a college student.