Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Quick Happy Halloween

Vintage Pumpkin Halloween Paper Mache Retro 1950's

I almost forgot today is Halloween can you believe that? I have been real busy this week trying to pack things that  I am ready to distribute onto other who may want them. In other words getting ready for a fall yard sale this weekend
This is a little paper mache pumpkin I bought at an store in town that sold Wendy Addison products if you know this designer of paper products she did all the Glitter Letters, garland etc

Have a safe day watch out for all the little kiddos running across the roads and streets

Linky parties I am looking in on today

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  1. He's FABULOUS, Janice - been super busy myself recently, with travelling and my Mom in town. Finally get a breather, where I can sit with a cup of coffee and catch up on my blog reading! Don't work too hard, but sell lots at your yard sale! Happy Halloween - Tanya

  2. Janice you didn't tell me you were having your sale this weekend, you silly gal! What time?
    Have a wonderful Halloween,

    1. Gina
      It's just STUFF not pretty Victorian items like you like
      Lots Christmas decor and cook books
      Friday 9am -6pm
      Sat 8-noon?

  3. I'm with you I almost forgot too, I have been so busy getting ready for the Fancy Flea! Happy Halloween!