Sunday, October 20, 2013

Face Time

I like any old or new clock with a pretty face especially Roman Numerals as the numbers .I have an old ship clock face which intrigued me when I bought it even without a  pretty face I liked the bakelite case and because I had never seen one before.
As I rearrange things in the house I find something I hadn't looked at for some time and say oh you're so pretty and here is some of my pretty clock faces.

 I have been soaking and washing some of my vintage linens and ironing it and thought my little ornament clock looked so pretty laying on the fresh ironed hand towels
I have two of these little clocks

This sets on my bookcase in the living room I bought it at an estate sale once however it runs on a battery so not so vintage however she looks good LOL


Then my old ship clock which I love setting on my book cases. I took it outside to really look it over and in the nature light you can see the face much nicer than inside 

 The face unscrews from the case to open

I have been trying to clean off some book shelves in the studio since I have massive amounts of boxes of  card making vintage papers I have kept and now I want a new look in one part of my studio . If the handyman ever gets my new window in I can put things back in there proper lace 

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  1. Well, you know I'm all about clock faces right now. I love your ship clock. Great patina.

  2. You have some great FACES!!! I love them all......but my favorite is the old ship clock!

  3. Love clocks! That first fresh face has me drooling!
    It's fun to find treasure in your own home!

  4. You have a nice clock collection. I love old clocks even if they don't work. That's a fab old ship clock!

  5. I love clocks...time to make the donuts!

  6. You have some beautiful clocks. I love the old shop unique! I try to find travel clocks and any old pocket watch and I love Steampunk jewelry, don't you? Have a good week!

  7. Your clocks are lovely. My favorite is the ship's clock. When that handy man finishes, sent him over.

  8. What great looking clocks, I love the pocket watch and the one where you can open the face which is perfectly aged!


  9. i love the clocks they are beautiful!!!! hope you will follow back love your blog

  10. Dearest Janice,
    Thanks for your visit on my blog and this subject I love very much! You could read my previous post about our clocks here:
    Below that post you find more links to other clocks.
    They are more or less the SOUL of a home; don't you think so?

  11. I am a clock lover too and I have several....some old, some new. I especially like the pocket watch that is my husband's family heirloom that hangs inside of little cloche. I love the curtains hanging in the trees too!

  12. I love love love pretty clocks....:)
    and, nooooo, not the lady on my dreams, maybe. :))

  13. I love old clocks and yours are wonderful treasures. I think the last one is my favorite.

  14. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Love yours! Lizzie

  15. Hi Janice,

    So nice to meet you!

    Your collection of vintage clocks is beautiful! I especially am enchanted with the first one and you got it looking so pretty!

    Thanks for stopping by Poppy View and hope to see you again!


  16. I love clocks too. You have a wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.