Friday, September 27, 2013

S U G A R jar

I am still deciding what all to purge out of my stash of kitchen collectibles. When I first started discovering vintage kitchen utensils and kitchen ware items I bought a blue Hall 8 inch bowl gave 10 cents for it at a neighbors yard sale out in the country side of Symsonia Kentucky. I still have that bowl
I have always been attracted to kitchen items even today I have to pass, except a couple weeks ago someone gave me some vintage kitchen items and they are in my kitchen? LOL  I'l show them later

I am letting go of my 1940's Sugar jar. I bet it had other pieces to match it because seems like I have seen the dark green glass canister set very similar to this jar.


Some of the lettering is rubbed off after several years of washing however it still looks good to me and any kitchen gal will like it 

It's 8 1/4 inches tall 5 1/2 inch across bottom and lid is 4 1/2 inches It hold a new sack of sugar,4lb or 5 lb ?
The lid does not cover the entire top , I liked the heavy ribbed glass. I have some same era flatware that I always thought  looked good on my counter with all my vintage red items. like my red handled can opener and spatula and mellow ball thingie 

It has it's original tin lid as you can see the paint or silver color is washed off after 50 years of washing in the 
kitchen sink in very hot water . Now you young girls there was no dish washers back then,anyway not in my world 

I am thinking of asking $35.00 plus shipping cost . I will get it in my etsy shop later I wanted to tell it's story of leaving Tennessee. I bought it on a buying trip on my way to Savannah Georgia one year. I was on my way to see Cheryl Day at Back In The Day Bakery and take another Paula Deen tour. I met Paula in person back in 1997 have her original cookbook from The Lady & Sons 

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Silver Jars/ Wedding Story

You all know every well most bloggers have seen the mercury glass decor jars vases and etc
So I have some silver metallic paint and empty Ball jars so decided to try and paint them for something to do . I have to have a small project going on  to entertain myself . I love to go and be around friends but I have dry spells and that is when I play in the studio and amuse myself LOL
I bought an entire case of these old jars at an auction once and they have been on a shelf in my garage for about 3 -4 years

 The jars have the wire pieces still on them that slides over the glass tops  and here is my silver paint that is the best paint. I have used it on wood, glass, plastic, painted an entire table and chest of drawers with it

                 I just painted 3 out of the 12 jars I have like this                                  


I went to my nieces wedding in Kansas City Mo this last weekend it the weather could not have been better
My Niece and her new husband lives and works in around Denver Colorado and his family is from Iowa and most her family in Missouri so it was a destination wedding LOL we was all laughing about that.Janelle and Nate did work in Kansas City so thought that would be a good meeting place for the wedding. A couple family members came from Portland Oregon in my family

However ever wedding has something little  that doesn't go well and most people never know it. Well a huge problem happened and I wish I knew the name of this florist in Kansas City Mo to blast his name across my blog and say unfavorable words about his business. NO FLOWERS Janelle called the florist an hour before the wedding and said the flowers are not at the church, he said we will be there in 25 minutes the wedding was scheduled at 1 pm this was 12  noon she called him. The time had passed still NO FLOWERS. He called her back 5 minutes before the wedding  1pm and said I'm sorry Janelle I don't have any flowers for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They flew in 3 weeks ago and finalised  all the wedding plans with this florist. So the Bride had NO wedding bouquet !!! thanks to this horrible Kansas City florist
whose name I will get and may even write him a letter

 I could have cried for her . No bridesmaids bouquets no flowers for Mothers of the wedding couple. All the pictures by the photographer NO FLOWERS the guys had no boutonnieres

There was fresh calla lilies on all the tables at the reception ,thanks to Nates Iowa family for getting them
 I don't know what was wrong with my iphone camera and I don't have a good picture to show which I am so sorry, however you can see NO FLOWERS

 My Niece Janelle ,she din't cry however after all the events were over I am sure she was crushed and cried a river
 Her cake was beautiful and I loved the flowers made out of icing on her cake

 The cake decorator did a wonderful  job on the cake. The cake was up on dark stage and with my iphone not having enough flashe well you can see the cake anyway

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dish Dance

I had to empty one of my dish cabinets in my kitchen/dinette so the telephone/cable man could install my new prism cable I chose . I think I will really like it  I get lots more channels to choose from and it several dollars less a month than my old cable company

Well anyway I had to empty a double shabby chic cabinet in my dinette so the installer man could drill a hole through my wall into my connect to my computer etc

I have dishes all over the table my buffet kitchen counters and bar and some in floor and I was gone last night and too tired when I got home to mess with them. I am a low energy person LOL I have to recharge a lot

Lots of plates got moved out


A pie plate on bottom of this stack

My large platter gravy boat and its tray and a water pitcher. I have loved this pattern for years

I have several pieces of my mother of pearl flatware laying around in this cabinet
Here is  my only little sliver napkin ring holder a little boy and his dog ,I bought this years ago and now can't remember where. Do you forget where you buy your treasures after having then 30 years or more? Of course some of you aren't even 30 years old yet LOL

Another stack of mixed plates pink tranferware calendar plates in this stack 
Silver spoons stuck around
These are some pretty rhinestone hair pins in a  fancy shot glass

I took pictures so I would know how I had all my dishes arranged in this cabinet I have a class tonight so can't work on it  and then after work tomorrow a manicure but surely I can get a few back in before I take off for Kansas City for the weekend another niece's wedding 

I didn't take pictures of the vintage mirrors I have through out this cabinet to reflect the dishes. I didn't realize how many till I had to empty this. Hope you like blue and white dishes as much as I do 

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Newest Creation

As I was surfing my blog list I seen the cutest project where a gal had taken a new coin purse top and used it for a photo frame.
Bells went off in my head and a couple light bulbs and I thought that is what I can use my old celluloid purse frame for. I got this purse frame years ago in a box of stuff (excuse me ) treasures and have always wanted to use it for something.

I found just the correct size picture and that was of Mildred Addison, her name is written on her picture . She is in a 5' x 7' picture
The Before picture of Mildred


Then the After picture of Mildred, I wish I knew who Mildred was and where she came from.It is amazing how many old pictures you find at flea markets auctions and antique malls

Sweet Mildred I love her dress

I added some beautiful fine vintage lace ( out of my fine lace stash ) at the bottom and added a small pearl at the end of her pearl necklace and that is all . I just love the old purse handle . If I can find the blog I got this idea from I would definitely give her blog name. I might run across it again and will let you know.She is selling her pictures mine is going on the studio wall someplace. I don't think I have a spot for another hanging item  ( Petite Michelle Louise ) thanks to  Patti at Ivy & Elephants for letting me know where I found this adorable idea 


This is where someone had written her name and I have had it so long I have no idea which auction I got it at. I use to go to an auction every month if there was one around. I always liked the old farm auctions because of the crock bowls and old button tins 

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mit Echten Vanille Schoten

 Carl & Manuela  son & daughter in law of  Norman who I check in on once a week gave me some of their German food before they left last weekend to go home to Germany. Carl met Manuela in  Germany they met after college and Carl stayed in Germany. I really like her we just hit it off like old friends.

I figured out one package is Feiner Bourbon Vanille Pudding which I am going to try to figure out the ingredients and cook for myself, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated
 Instruction are very clear on the back if you can read Germany i'll go to google translate and write in instructions in. Sounds really good with that bourbon in it LOL

 Then they gave me this package which I am sure in some kind of instant potatoes because of the picture where the man is holding the potato?
am I right ?
 I  read a blog by  a woman named Johanna from Germany I am going to send her a message she can tell me all about these I didn't ask Manuela because I didn't realize they put these items in one of my goody boxes till after they left

 See isn't that a potato and I can't figure out any of his instructions
 They even gave me their little what I would call a double boiler pan to cook it in
 I like the blau  graniteware pan it can sit someplace in the studio full of some small treasure like belt buckles or rhinestone for necklaces
       I have lots more items they gave me as they cleaned out their dad's house, he moved to assisted living at age 98            

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Made It

I am always trying, I said trying to make something in my mind and just can't get my hands to get it together. However I keep trying to make something that I just love and always end up saying well that is not what I wanted . Do you ever do that creating a altered art piece or anything?
Here is the bakelite necklace I was working on and showed you in a previous post  some of the bakelite earrings and buttons I had.I guess I like it
I love before and after pictures, before my necklace was created


     After I worked my fingers to the bone LOL   I never did like delicate jewelry


I will wear it with an all black outfit maybe jeans and a turtle neck
 In  this picture I see a green button on the left of the picture turned around I bet when I wear it it may turn also. In the picture below the green button with the silver done is the one that was turned around
    Well anyway I like it and have another idea in my head and anxious to start on it this weekend. I went to St Louis shopping with a friend last Monday and we had to go to Williams Sonoma kitchen store  to touch my favorite pan the Ruffoni ones
 The we went to American Girl store in Chesterfield Mall  to get my friends niece the new doll Paige and her 3 outfits. I am sure if any of you have little girls you know what these dolls are
 My Elephant Ears before I have to dig them up they have lived under my Curtain Tree all summer and have done great

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