Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dish Dance

I had to empty one of my dish cabinets in my kitchen/dinette so the telephone/cable man could install my new prism cable I chose . I think I will really like it  I get lots more channels to choose from and it several dollars less a month than my old cable company

Well anyway I had to empty a double shabby chic cabinet in my dinette so the installer man could drill a hole through my wall into my connect to my computer etc

I have dishes all over the table my buffet kitchen counters and bar and some in floor and I was gone last night and too tired when I got home to mess with them. I am a low energy person LOL I have to recharge a lot

Lots of plates got moved out


A pie plate on bottom of this stack

My large platter gravy boat and its tray and a water pitcher. I have loved this pattern for years

I have several pieces of my mother of pearl flatware laying around in this cabinet
Here is  my only little sliver napkin ring holder a little boy and his dog ,I bought this years ago and now can't remember where. Do you forget where you buy your treasures after having then 30 years or more? Of course some of you aren't even 30 years old yet LOL

Another stack of mixed plates pink tranferware calendar plates in this stack 
Silver spoons stuck around
These are some pretty rhinestone hair pins in a  fancy shot glass

I took pictures so I would know how I had all my dishes arranged in this cabinet I have a class tonight so can't work on it  and then after work tomorrow a manicure but surely I can get a few back in before I take off for Kansas City for the weekend another niece's wedding 

I didn't take pictures of the vintage mirrors I have through out this cabinet to reflect the dishes. I didn't realize how many till I had to empty this. Hope you like blue and white dishes as much as I do 

Linky parties I like to join in 


  1. Hi Janice,
    your blue and whit china is so beautful. I love to see your pretty photos. I wrote for you the pudding-translation in a comment of the former post. Thank you for sharing
    Best greetings, Johanna

  2. Gosh I loved looking at all your fun to take those out from time to time and spend a while looking at them and arranging them.

  3. Oh my, Janice, what a scrumptious post! I love all your transferware and flatware. The mother of pearl is really pretty and the napkin ring is adorable! You have some gorgeous pieces in your collection. Sometimes we forget a piece or two until we have to clean out a cabinet or two. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea. Enjoy your day.


  4. Nice Dishes.
    Have you been to see Susan at Between Naps On The Porch?
    She makes the most pretty tablescape with her dishes.
    Just a thought, Oh and I do not tablescape myself.
    here's a link to one of her tablescapes.

  5. Gorgeous dishes, isn't it crazy that cleaning a closet or cabinet is like Christmas...Because we forget what is in there LOL! Now don't wreck your new manicure putting it back together. Have fun at your wedding, take pictures, we love wedding pictures and so many brides are choosing the vintage theme


  6. I love your dishes.. and this so reminds me that I need to buy me a new set. I have been saying that all summer and now I feel inspired thanks to you.

  7. Janice, I love your dishes. My first set of dishes are the blue and white china too! I know what you mean when you start taking dishes out and find things you've been looking for, for ages...
    Thanks for always stopping by with your sweet comments. Love hearing from you.


  8. I've never seen this blue pattern, rally love it! ALso love the pink calendar plates, actually I just started collecting them from Goodwill!

  9. You have such a beautiful collection of blue and white. Have a great time at your nieces wedding.

  10. Well, you sure do have some pretty dishes-but I bet you can't wait to get them all re-organized in your cabinet again-xo Diana

  11. What a lovely collection of treasures that you have collected over time. Be sure and show us your cabinet after you have it rearranged.


  12. Oh what a beautiful array of photographs! I just LOVE all your beautiful blue and white china! I have a gorgeous grey and white compleye Edwardian dinner service but nowhere now to show it off. Best Greetings! xx

  13. Good idea taking the before pictures since things never seem to fit back in the space they came out of!

  14. So many treasures, and I love blue and white! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  15. Dear Janice,
    I love your blue calico! Love that pattern. You have great treasures-especially that darling silver napkin ring!
    Enjoyed your post, Best, Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea
    P.S. DIsh Dance is such a cute title too. :)

  16. Wow! That is one gorgeous blue pattern! Good thing we got to have a look. I still have plates stacked around from my recent changes, but the piles are getting smaller! LOL!

  17. How pretty your blues are --- so glad you had to drag out all your dishes for us to take a peek.

  18. Janice, You have a beautiful collection of blue and white. You know that is one of my favorites. I say take your time, enjoy the wedding. You know those dishes will be waiting for when you get back. xoGinger

  19. Good Morning Janice, Well there is nothing like blue and white dishes to make me smile and you shared so many lovely items, that I have a huge smile on my face.
    I love the blue and white plates from Denmark.... I have the same set which I have had for years.
    I am in love with your pearl flatware....just so beautiful.
    Take your time, arranging your gorgeous things, you will enjoy the process all the more.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  20. Beautiful collection of yours:)I also collect blue-white porcelein:)Best wishes from Netherlands:)

  21. Your dishes are so beautiful, love the blue and white of course and I love all the pretty little rose dishes as well, the flatware looks so wonderful next to the dishes,..I am a new follower of yours, come on over for a visit...Phyllis

  22. I am so jealous, Janice. Your collection of gorgeous blue and white dishes, and that pearl handled flatware (gasp! drool!)is amazing.
    Just let me know when you want to pare down!!! LOL

  23. Beautiful dishes and silver. We have some of the same things! Fun to see. Good idea to take photos. Thanks for sharing your pretties!

  24. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Seriously coveting the chintzware!

  25. I have been there before... dishes all over the first floor - when all you wanted to do was 'organize' or 'neaten' one hutch (lol). Beautiful dishes though - love the blue!
    Michelle /

  26. What a pleasant undertaking--HAVING to play with your dishes, and seeing them out for a while I'm sure is nice too! ~Zuni

  27. OMG! What a coincidence.
    I so love your collection of Calico (Staffordshire & Burleigh)! I am so inmfamously known for blue and white that I do not touch it anymore. BUT this morning I could not resist picking up 4 dinner plates that I found so very beautiful. I do not like floral patterns on plates. These plates were blue and white and had flowers in transfer ware all over (just a perfect combination that I would not touch). However, I found these so pretty that I could not resist them. Guess what ....They are in the exact same pattern (Louis 14th) as yours, that I picked up at an antique store here (in Sweden) today. And then started the hunt (on e-bay) for something that could be used for serving to complement the set.
    And then, just 4 hrs later while reading on Fall tablescapes, I stumble upon your post with pictures of the most amazing collection in the very same pattern!