Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mit Echten Vanille Schoten

 Carl & Manuela  son & daughter in law of  Norman who I check in on once a week gave me some of their German food before they left last weekend to go home to Germany. Carl met Manuela in  Germany they met after college and Carl stayed in Germany. I really like her we just hit it off like old friends.

I figured out one package is Feiner Bourbon Vanille Pudding which I am going to try to figure out the ingredients and cook for myself, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated
 Instruction are very clear on the back if you can read Germany i'll go to google translate and write in instructions in. Sounds really good with that bourbon in it LOL

 Then they gave me this package which I am sure in some kind of instant potatoes because of the picture where the man is holding the potato?
am I right ?
 I  read a blog by  a woman named Johanna from Germany I am going to send her a message she can tell me all about these I didn't ask Manuela because I didn't realize they put these items in one of my goody boxes till after they left

 See isn't that a potato and I can't figure out any of his instructions
 They even gave me their little what I would call a double boiler pan to cook it in
 I like the blau  graniteware pan it can sit someplace in the studio full of some small treasure like belt buckles or rhinestone for necklaces
       I have lots more items they gave me as they cleaned out their dad's house, he moved to assisted living at age 98            

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  1. Hi Janice,
    how sweet to get your message. So nice to see that you got these typicl German products. The Pudding is really yummy. Did I understand right, you got the translation for the Vanille-Pudding?

    The other thing is an instant mix for German dumplings. And thats how to do it:

    Stir the content of the package with a whisk in 750 ml cold water and let the dough swell for 10 minutes.

    Then you model with moistened hands 12 dumplings.

    Bring plenty water to boil, the dumplings must have space to swim free. Enter the dumplings one after the next carefully into the boiling, salted water. After pulling over low heat for 20 minutes (but do not boil anymore)!

    Remove from the water and let the dumplings drain a bit before serving.

    I hope this will work fine and you like the dumplings. We serve them with meat and gravy and some red cabbage.

    If you have more questions, please let me know.
    Hugs and greetings, Johanna

  2. Hello,
    As you can read here (, the name "Bourbon" does not refer to the beverage. It is a type of vanilla cultivated around the Indian Ocean.
    Greetings from Brussels.

  3. Hi Janice,

    here is the translation of the pudding. By the way, as Mariebruxelles said, theres no Bourbon in, just Vanilla:

    custard powder
    4 g of sugar
    1/2 liter of milk

    Mix custard powder with 40 g of sugar.

    Stir this mix into a small portion of the milk.

    Boil the remaining milk. Remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the custard powder/sugar/milk-mix. Then again cook for 1 minutes.

    Rinse a pudding mold with cold water and fill in the cooked pudding. Refrigerate at least 4 hours before you can turn over the mold.

    Best greetings, Johanna