Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Made It

I am always trying, I said trying to make something in my mind and just can't get my hands to get it together. However I keep trying to make something that I just love and always end up saying well that is not what I wanted . Do you ever do that creating a altered art piece or anything?
Here is the bakelite necklace I was working on and showed you in a previous post  some of the bakelite earrings and buttons I had.I guess I like it
I love before and after pictures, before my necklace was created


     After I worked my fingers to the bone LOL   I never did like delicate jewelry


I will wear it with an all black outfit maybe jeans and a turtle neck
 In  this picture I see a green button on the left of the picture turned around I bet when I wear it it may turn also. In the picture below the green button with the silver done is the one that was turned around
    Well anyway I like it and have another idea in my head and anxious to start on it this weekend. I went to St Louis shopping with a friend last Monday and we had to go to Williams Sonoma kitchen store  to touch my favorite pan the Ruffoni ones
 The we went to American Girl store in Chesterfield Mall  to get my friends niece the new doll Paige and her 3 outfits. I am sure if any of you have little girls you know what these dolls are
 My Elephant Ears before I have to dig them up they have lived under my Curtain Tree all summer and have done great

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  1. Such a wonderful necklace and fun. Gotta love those elephant ears. I would be in heaven with those Ruffoni pans as well.

  2. I love it!! You did a fabulous job. You crack me up! You went to W.S. to "touch" your fav. pot! Too funny and that is about as close to affording anything in that store as I could ever get.

  3. Your necklace is awesome!! I know I could only touch those pans also. Things are pricey in there but I like to look when I get to one of their stores.

  4. Well I think your necklace turned out beautiful!

  5. Good Afternoon Janice, Oh yes, I can certainly see this necklace dressing up an all black outfit.... the necklace will stand out beautifully. I just know when you wear it you are going to receive some lovely comments.
    I have to say Janice, I did smile when you said you "touched" your favourite pan.... now I am going to seem dreadful, I have never heard of Ruffoni pans.... I think I will have to find out about them. The pan does look fabulous and I love the handle.
    It is lovely catching up with you.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Best Wishes

  6. Your necklace is too cool! If I see it in town I will know it is you!!
    Thanks for the kind words and keeping my cousins in your thoughts.

  7. That necklace is really cute! Great use of those old pieces. It will be fun to wear it. Love the American Girl stores. We have three grands here that love them. xo Diana

  8. Your necklace is great! You did such a good job of putting all of the pieces together to come up with a very unique piece of jewelry. Nice big elephant ears! laurie

  9. Love your necklace and your comment about the Ruffoni pots in WS. I can only afford to look at them, too -- they're gorgeous but just a little too much. I have the older style copper one that's still pretty but just not in the same league as the one pictured. Maybe some day...
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  10. I love the necklace, it turned out fabulous! Doesn't it make you feel so good to make something like that for yourself. So unique and I know it will look great with whatever your wear it with.

  11. I would definitely wear your necklace! It's gorgeous and colorful! You did a fantastic job. The Elephant ear plant is beautiful!

  12. I pretty much adore that necklace! I wish I had all of that fun stuff to make such a unique piece of jewelry with! :)

  13. This is so pretty and has lots of the colors of Fall! You'll enjoy wearing it...and it's one of a kind so that makes it even better! Sweet hugs!