Friday, September 27, 2013

S U G A R jar

I am still deciding what all to purge out of my stash of kitchen collectibles. When I first started discovering vintage kitchen utensils and kitchen ware items I bought a blue Hall 8 inch bowl gave 10 cents for it at a neighbors yard sale out in the country side of Symsonia Kentucky. I still have that bowl
I have always been attracted to kitchen items even today I have to pass, except a couple weeks ago someone gave me some vintage kitchen items and they are in my kitchen? LOL  I'l show them later

I am letting go of my 1940's Sugar jar. I bet it had other pieces to match it because seems like I have seen the dark green glass canister set very similar to this jar.


Some of the lettering is rubbed off after several years of washing however it still looks good to me and any kitchen gal will like it 

It's 8 1/4 inches tall 5 1/2 inch across bottom and lid is 4 1/2 inches It hold a new sack of sugar,4lb or 5 lb ?
The lid does not cover the entire top , I liked the heavy ribbed glass. I have some same era flatware that I always thought  looked good on my counter with all my vintage red items. like my red handled can opener and spatula and mellow ball thingie 

It has it's original tin lid as you can see the paint or silver color is washed off after 50 years of washing in the 
kitchen sink in very hot water . Now you young girls there was no dish washers back then,anyway not in my world 

I am thinking of asking $35.00 plus shipping cost . I will get it in my etsy shop later I wanted to tell it's story of leaving Tennessee. I bought it on a buying trip on my way to Savannah Georgia one year. I was on my way to see Cheryl Day at Back In The Day Bakery and take another Paula Deen tour. I met Paula in person back in 1997 have her original cookbook from The Lady & Sons 

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  1. That's such a sweet piece. I'm sure someone will snap it up.

  2. That is one sweet jar, but we can't keep everything. Poor Paula Dean, she sure got a bad shake recently!


  3. I've seen those jars before and they did come in different sizes. Its very nice. I too love old kitchen things and I also did not have a dish washer, and still don't.
    I,m going to look at your Etsy when I'm though visiting a few friends. I went there real quick to follow you. You have some very wonderful things.
    Take Care,
    Marie Antoinette

  4. A little chipped paint just means she was a hard working girl!

  5. I love this, but I am trying to thin out all of my stuff too. I feel like I am smothered in stuff!

  6. Your sugar jar is wonderful and your price is very fair. I've gotta go check out your Etsy... It looks sooo interesting!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  7. I love the sugar jar and bakelite silverware. I sent you a note suggesting you check out button floozies and then discovered you are a member. How fun!


  8. Gotta love your sugar jar. Good luck with the sell. From your newest follower, Linda

  9. It's a wonderful jar. I love old kitchen items, and as you know, having sat in my kitchen, I also like a kitchen with a table and chairs and not an island! :-)

  10. What a great jar you have to love something that has some history.