Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Cigarette Cases

Here is another group of items I always picked up at Estate Sales. Not going looking for cigarette cases but seemed no one else was interested in them at the time.They use to be very chic to carry in your bag.

They always reminded me of the Carry All bags I collected. Also I love dainty things ladies carried in their bags back in the 1940-1950's. Seemed all ladies smoked.I ask my Grandmother once why she started smoking? She said my Grandfather suggested she smoke to relax her, so they set out in the back yard in the evenings and had a smoke together. She said she started smoking at age 35 and she died at age 89 of emphysema  . She had quit smoking about 5 years before she died.

I never did smoke more than 3 cigarettes in my life. I had to try it when I was in my late 20's (.I didn't inhale) LOL

Here is a few cigarette cases  I have collected and had on a silver dresser tray on my dresser in my quest bedroom.


This first one is very small and marked made in Germany

   Some ladies are using these for their business cards                        

  This one is marked sterling and has another mark I can't read , also a mark I think it says pat pending,08

   It has initials monogrammed on it JBM     it,s sterling  silver top and bottom and 2 sides and has a cardboard insert that says Parliament made in USA   other end says push

I always liked the feel of these they always felt good to me . This one has a monogram of JD on it my initials LOL didn't even realize this this now or maybe that's why I bought it.

 It has a mark inside on the bar that holds the cigarettes down BM made in USA  It's so shinny you can see the camera over it  


I like this one also it's a see through trimmed in a gold tone frame

Hope you enjoyed seeing my smoking cigarette cases of days gone by. These were very elegant back in the day

Look over on the blog Ivy & Elephant's she has her cigarette cases also posted and it's her Birthday

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wedding Cake Toppers

I was thinking if I was young and planning a wedding would I want a vintage cake topper or these Hallmark Barbie & Ken on top of my wedding cake?
Maybe for one of my  shower cakes?

I always liked things not so traditional but a little traditional so yes I would like a vintage cake topper . Also of course I would want loads of rhinestones on my party favors.
I think the weddings today where the brides are using vintage table settings are wonderful
This is the only topper I have left with a bride & Groom on them I use to collect the china ones, they are wonderful


I even put a rhinestone pin on the Brides dress LOL, didn't notice till I loaded the pictures or I would have taken it off  

Some of the on lookers on the shelf where they sit, I call them my Marie Antoinette people


Then I have Ken & Barbie , I think these would be so cute on a cake ,

These are dated 1997 on their Hallmark box

I had a friend who had it on her Bucket list to try on wedding dresses. Because when she was married she never got to go into St Louis to a bridal shop.  Well she just had to tell me once so I called David Bridal and ask if me and some other ladies could surprise Annette with an afternoon at David;s trying on wedding dresses? The manager Emily said sure, so we went and she was thrilled
The Bride of years gone By



She had sooooooooooooo much fun doing this  . Annette said all I need is a Groom LOL, her husband died of pancreas cancer very sudden , they were high school sweethearts from Troy Missouri, moved to Columbia Missouri to attend college and have lived here several years

This dress below was her favorite, a champagne color with a long sleeve jacket covered in lace with a few glitter pearls & sparkle that was also a long train .She also had a copy of Kate's wedding tiara on .
Like I said we all had fun, even the young lady named Anna that assisted said,  most fun she has had working there.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautiful Vintage Buttons

I had planned to do a post on wedding cake toppers because I was thinking of my nieces wedding this summer , and I have a couple of things I thought would look wonderful  on a wedding cake. I have one vintage  cake topper then a set of Ken & Barbie from 1997, both dressed in their wedding finest.

Then I was looking for a third topper and spotted one of my buttons cabinets and had to admire them for a while . Sounds crazy but I am sure any other button collector knows what I am talking about .

This is a candy  jar I have on my dresser, full of wonderful rhinestone buttons.

Some of the buttons I cut off of vintage  clothing, before I appreciated the vintage clothing  


I have all these in this candy jar

Then here is picture of one of the cabinets I have full of bakelite buttons and glass buttons

Glass ones in a drawer

 Then I have a tall glass canister full of the colored buttons from the 20's-50's primary color buttons, I cut a lot of these off old day dresses, I know what a crime now      

Read this that Kathy Kluless  has posted on her blog , about a little bitty Post Office LOL

I know all you Button Floozies and collectors  can relate to this post of my love of buttons LOL    

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Evening Bag Collection

As I go through my collection of evening bags  and trying to figure out which bag to list first in my etsy shop I am just reminiscing of where and when I purchased them.

This first one was one of my favorites, it doesn't have a stone missing, I always wanted to carry it someplace.Not to the grocery store or work, just dreaming of going to an opera or formal event at our states capital to have diner with the Governor. (dreaming you realize ?).

These are in a glass basket that belonged to my Grandmothers sister My Aunt Ollie


This green velvet one has worn spots but I fell in love with the jade beads and marcasites  across the top closure . It feels so good to the touch


I don't think the stones are spelled correct, however spell check isn't picking it up , Oh Well you know what I mean. Don't you?

  This little metal mesh  bag I purchased  with the idea of making an altered art necklace out of it  . I laid a vintage tube of lipstick beside it to show you how small it is . Have you seen where they are taking the small leather coin purses and making altered necklaces out of them?  All the gals who sell at the large flea markets have them.

Just love them



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Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Treasures

I just love Valentines Day when I get sweet treasures from friends . I love giving sweet treasures also.
This is a little 4 inch Longaberger basket a gal I use to work with gave me  as a surprise. Said she just wanted to give me something because she liked me !!! These little baskets were pricey back when they were made in the USA , you know they are made in China now?

Sweet little heart ornament on outside

Also inside there is a little heart on the folder material
  The top Lid is 4 inches across, the bottom is 3 inches

I was so surprised and happy      

I finally got a couple Valentine cards sent off , well 4 cards now that I count, only one had my famous art work LOL

I think I had this unfinished  card on my blog last year LOL It's a paper doll I found  and printed off, on another blog or web page and make a dress for her and a crown, then I added a heart button to her handbag  
Oh I had to add a bird to her crown also

This is the face on a Valentine tin I have, Hope ya all get lots of Chocolate covered strawberries for a Valentine treat
I wanted to mention I opened my etsy shop this week , I am selling things I have collected over the last several years. Not all things , however a lot of treasures for someone

I also wanted to say Thanks to Laurie over at Indulge Your Shelf  , she sent me the book  Etsy 101 . If it hadn't been for Laurie answering some emails and her book my little etsy shop would not have been born
Thanks Laurie , she is a Button Floozies also . If you love buttons you will have to follow her                                                              

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Be My Valentine

Everyone has cute Valentine post and as usual I am lagging behind with just great thoughts in my mind of what I could post for Valentines ,
here is a little Valentine mouse with the key to your heart .So please be Mine .


I had been taking pictures of my rhinestone faced clocks and thought I could put my little sweet mouse in the picture.      

I love making Valentine cards and this year just can't get the ideas in my head to get started. I have all the glitter and trinkets laid out on my studio table all ready ,waiting for me.

Tonight instead of watching  "Say Yes To The Dress ''   LOL  I need to make my special friend a nice card
I don't know why I love that show so much, I think it's because I never had a wedding dress , and I love to see all the different ones available as I dream of having one (Back in the Day)
First time I married I wore my next door neighbors senior prom dress. It had a sweetheart strapless top and just a dream, all white . A borrowed dress, I returned it same day of the wedding , at the justice of peace house .

Love my Pink Baby Ben rhinestone clock here        

Working on getting an etsy shop banner to match my blog banner?   Any HELP is appreciated.  You can teach an old Dog new tricks LOL

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Metal Boy

Hi,  today I am trying to get the dust out of my home office, I get to be home this morning and actually      have the energy or inspiration to do it.The sun is out bright and that always helps to keep me motivated to do thngs.
 When you can't run the vacuum    cleaner due to back problems the dust on the hardwood floors looks awful, no excuse for desk top

Anyway you don't want to read about my dusty house. I am still going through things I don't want any longer and found my little metal boy picture

He is about the same  diameter  as a tea cup saucer. I think his slick backed hair makes him very charming  young lad . Also the sailor anchor on his shirt . Back side looks like a pie plate

I wonder what era this was popular? And why a metal picture?

I am trying to clean out smalls, I have a dresser with lots of small perfume bottles etc on and just ready for a change  .
I always thought this little blue glass perfume bottle was really unusual. Another estate sale find. I always went straight to the bedrooms to look for pretties , like dresser items  . also blue anything always caught my eye


Better get back to dusting


Thanks for the remarks about my Metal Boy being a tintype , I never thought about it being in that era

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Make Over

I use to collect Byers Choice Caroler dolls, and still think they are so pretty. I was given the Red Hat society doll once for my Red Hat Birthday ( 50) anyway I never did like that red & purple stuff , even though I know some Red Hat ladies had fun doing it , dressing up in purple and wearing a big red fancy frilly hats. Which I like the idea of dressing up and wearing frilly hats

Anyway as I was looking  in my storage  room to get my box of valentine papers to make cards  I seen her sitting very proud on a shelf and told her , I never did like your outfit, so pulled her off the shelf and redesigned her outfit to fit  Downtown Abby look , I'll let you be the judge of that.

Red Hat Lady

Downtown Abby Look

I have a lot of vintage lace and wanted to use it, I have a couple little suitcases full and just realized no need to keep , keeping it stashed away

I created this new look in about an hour , after I cut out  her skirt and hemmed it, I used Mod podge glue to attach  her bodice and sleeves, to her body. I used her red hat to cut a pattern for her new white hat  

I used a little muslin material for her undershirt  and hemmed it by hand then used lace for her bodice and sleeves and shirt

I think she is so much prettier, updated   all ready for a cup of tea with her little cup & saucer        

 She sets in a little white wicker chair, all my other carolers stand  

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