Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Treasures

I just love Valentines Day when I get sweet treasures from friends . I love giving sweet treasures also.
This is a little 4 inch Longaberger basket a gal I use to work with gave me  as a surprise. Said she just wanted to give me something because she liked me !!! These little baskets were pricey back when they were made in the USA , you know they are made in China now?

Sweet little heart ornament on outside

Also inside there is a little heart on the folder material
  The top Lid is 4 inches across, the bottom is 3 inches

I was so surprised and happy      

I finally got a couple Valentine cards sent off , well 4 cards now that I count, only one had my famous art work LOL

I think I had this unfinished  card on my blog last year LOL It's a paper doll I found  and printed off, on another blog or web page and make a dress for her and a crown, then I added a heart button to her handbag  
Oh I had to add a bird to her crown also

This is the face on a Valentine tin I have, Hope ya all get lots of Chocolate covered strawberries for a Valentine treat
I wanted to mention I opened my etsy shop this week , I am selling things I have collected over the last several years. Not all things , however a lot of treasures for someone

I also wanted to say Thanks to Laurie over at Indulge Your Shelf  , she sent me the book  Etsy 101 . If it hadn't been for Laurie answering some emails and her book my little etsy shop would not have been born
Thanks Laurie , she is a Button Floozies also . If you love buttons you will have to follow her                                                              

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  1. Love your paper doll valentine! SO darling! (Yes get out those pretty linens! You don't even have to use them. They're cheery like flowers!) Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Your paper dol valentine is so cute. I didnt' know Longaberger is now made in China now? I guess I lucked out mine says USA on bottom. Thanks for stopping by and liking the drop cloth heart I made!

  3. What charming Valentines delights! Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  4. Hi Janice! Your Longaberger basket it cute. I CANNOT believe that they are made in China now. What about there made in the USA factory? Cute paper doll Valentine! Gina

  5. Hi Janice, me again! I forgot to ask you how I get to your Etsy store.

    1. On my side bar is my etsy shop display, just click on any picture ( anyway I hope that works for you) let me know if it doesn't.

  6. Janice,

    Thanks for entering and for signing up to Follow!! I am also following you now!! Godd Luck in the Giveaway!!


  7. Wishing you great luck with your Etsy store, I love your little doll she is too cute with her bird and all, thanks for sharing...

  8. I have one or two of these various baskets. I really like them, but as you said they are pricey.

  9. I love this basket! Do I know, when we were in China we had the hardest time looking for souvenirs, because in the USA a great deal of things are made in China!

  10. Love your valentine things, your little paper doll valentine is adorable.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  11. Um - no Longaberger baskets are made in China. The pottery was for a few years but they are in the process of bringing all manufacturing back to the US. Wish we could get more people to commit to buying "made in the USA" products.

  12. I have this same little basket (I also have the larger one just like it.) I don't have the liners though. I love both of them! Love your little Valentine's card...