Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Cigarette Cases

Here is another group of items I always picked up at Estate Sales. Not going looking for cigarette cases but seemed no one else was interested in them at the time.They use to be very chic to carry in your bag.

They always reminded me of the Carry All bags I collected. Also I love dainty things ladies carried in their bags back in the 1940-1950's. Seemed all ladies smoked.I ask my Grandmother once why she started smoking? She said my Grandfather suggested she smoke to relax her, so they set out in the back yard in the evenings and had a smoke together. She said she started smoking at age 35 and she died at age 89 of emphysema  . She had quit smoking about 5 years before she died.

I never did smoke more than 3 cigarettes in my life. I had to try it when I was in my late 20's (.I didn't inhale) LOL

Here is a few cigarette cases  I have collected and had on a silver dresser tray on my dresser in my quest bedroom.


This first one is very small and marked made in Germany

   Some ladies are using these for their business cards                        

  This one is marked sterling and has another mark I can't read , also a mark I think it says pat pending,08

   It has initials monogrammed on it JBM     it,s sterling  silver top and bottom and 2 sides and has a cardboard insert that says Parliament made in USA   other end says push

I always liked the feel of these they always felt good to me . This one has a monogram of JD on it my initials LOL didn't even realize this this now or maybe that's why I bought it.

 It has a mark inside on the bar that holds the cigarettes down BM made in USA  It's so shinny you can see the camera over it  


I like this one also it's a see through trimmed in a gold tone frame

Hope you enjoyed seeing my smoking cigarette cases of days gone by. These were very elegant back in the day

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  1. know I am just drooling over your cigarette cases. They are simply fabulous. Each one is a work of gorgeous art.


  2. Nice collection. I've always loved the cases with the monograms. So beautiful.

  3. What a nice collection! It seems like nowadays we have such throw it in the trash kind of items that saving something for those to collect after us is getting less and less. Wouldn't it be nice if the salepeople would make pretties for us again???
    Thanks so much for sharing such sweet pieces with us for Pearls and Lace Thursday!

  4. Those are really cute. Smoking use to be sophisticated looking..boy what did they know huh? They are nice cases though.

  5. These are beautiful. I am ashamed to admit that I DO smoke and can't tell you how badly I wish I could stop. I carry a cigarette case because we smoke roll-your-own cigarettes and you do need something to carry them in. Hopefully the day will come when they are truly nothing more than a thing of the past!!

  6. Love your collection!
    I have one and I use it for my business cards!

  7. beautiful collection-love them! Truely vintage-one of a kind!

  8. what a great and unusual collection you have...I love the one's with the monograms...I always think of what MArtha Stewart said once about collecting things with monograms....She just tells people that she inherited the piece from a rich relative...

  9. What a pretty collection you have. I saw the post about them on Ivy and Elephants and it prompted me to get out a case/bag that belonged to my aunt. Thanks so much for sharing your cases.

  10. What lovely finds! I've been looking for one to hold business cards.Visiting from Pink Saturday - so glad I found your delightful site

  11. Such an elegant collection you have! Nice details. I never smoked either, but I recently came across a beautifully beaded cigarette case, of a much later vintage than yours are, and was tempted to buy it.

  12. Judy, these are so pretty. I never see any at the estate sales I attend. I'm going to be on the lookout for some now. I think carrying business cards in them is a great idea. I wish I could find one with my initials on it. I enjoyed seeing this collection, and unfortunately, I'm afraid you've inspired me to collect something else! laurie

  13. lovely collection. Happy weekend wishes to you and Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop, your participation is what makes it so much fun. Come back to Katherines Corner,I posted the new giveaway today! xo

  14. OMG (oh my gosh) I love your cigarette cases! So pretty and small enough you can go crazy collecting them! I love that you made sure everyone knew you were saying Oh My Gosh! I am the same way!
    His name is special-not to be thrown around.

    Have a blessed weekend,

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  15. These are so nice! I've never come across any but I did find a tiny ladies ash tray and posted about it a long time ago! Hugs!

  16. That is distinctive, man! wherever did you get the concept of turning AN previous iPod icon into a smoke case? My friend really lost his smoke case throughout a celebration. and that i thought of sharing this concept to him, thus he'll have another smoke case. =)
    cigarette case