Saturday, February 2, 2013

Make Over

I use to collect Byers Choice Caroler dolls, and still think they are so pretty. I was given the Red Hat society doll once for my Red Hat Birthday ( 50) anyway I never did like that red & purple stuff , even though I know some Red Hat ladies had fun doing it , dressing up in purple and wearing a big red fancy frilly hats. Which I like the idea of dressing up and wearing frilly hats

Anyway as I was looking  in my storage  room to get my box of valentine papers to make cards  I seen her sitting very proud on a shelf and told her , I never did like your outfit, so pulled her off the shelf and redesigned her outfit to fit  Downtown Abby look , I'll let you be the judge of that.

Red Hat Lady

Downtown Abby Look

I have a lot of vintage lace and wanted to use it, I have a couple little suitcases full and just realized no need to keep , keeping it stashed away

I created this new look in about an hour , after I cut out  her skirt and hemmed it, I used Mod podge glue to attach  her bodice and sleeves, to her body. I used her red hat to cut a pattern for her new white hat  

I used a little muslin material for her undershirt  and hemmed it by hand then used lace for her bodice and sleeves and shirt

I think she is so much prettier, updated   all ready for a cup of tea with her little cup & saucer        

 She sets in a little white wicker chair, all my other carolers stand  

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  1. What a darling make over! She looks a bit Downton Abbeyish :) Happy Pink Saturday

  2. A beautiful make over. She is looking very stylish.

  3. I think she's much happier now! Happy weekend - Tanya

  4. Her little face caught my eye on Beverly's blog. She's very pretty in her new do. I like the new outfit best - you did a great job!
    Happy Pink Saturday! I enjoyed my visit! Jenn

  5. PS thanks for stopping by the other day - you mentioned the paw print for your pug - I'm so glad I have our kitty paw print.

  6. Much better! Love the new "old" clothing on her. How cute!

  7. Such a sweet change! Love her new makeover! he is sweet and you are very creative! Enjoyed my visit. Have a glorious weekend!

  8. Love the makeover.

    Please come and peek at my PINK.
    Your comment is always a joy to read.

  9. Oh you did a fabulous job ! And I think she is very happy in her new outfit. Happy Pink ....

  10. Great....i love the Downton Abbey Look, you did a good job!!
    Have a wonderful week, Birgit

  11. I also love the new outfit! But, I am a red hatter myself, and I just loved the former outfit! You can love both! That gorgeous red hat, and that flirtatious red boa, along with the mismatched red dress scream outrageous, bold, daring! I'm older, wiser , and ready to play! You can love both outfits, don't put one down just to love the other! Thousands of red hatters all over the world love that outfit! LOL

    1. I agree Helen, I apologize if I sounded like a snoodish snob.

      Red Hat ladies rock

  12. much much better! I love the idea of dressing up, but the red hat stuff never appealed to me.