Thursday, February 14, 2013

Evening Bag Collection

As I go through my collection of evening bags  and trying to figure out which bag to list first in my etsy shop I am just reminiscing of where and when I purchased them.

This first one was one of my favorites, it doesn't have a stone missing, I always wanted to carry it someplace.Not to the grocery store or work, just dreaming of going to an opera or formal event at our states capital to have diner with the Governor. (dreaming you realize ?).

These are in a glass basket that belonged to my Grandmothers sister My Aunt Ollie


This green velvet one has worn spots but I fell in love with the jade beads and marcasites  across the top closure . It feels so good to the touch


I don't think the stones are spelled correct, however spell check isn't picking it up , Oh Well you know what I mean. Don't you?

  This little metal mesh  bag I purchased  with the idea of making an altered art necklace out of it  . I laid a vintage tube of lipstick beside it to show you how small it is . Have you seen where they are taking the small leather coin purses and making altered necklaces out of them?  All the gals who sell at the large flea markets have them.

Just love them



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  1. Good Morning to you, What a gorgeous selection of bags, I could not choose a favourite as I love all three. I have a couple of beaded bags which I bought in the sixties which I have kept wrapped in paper, as I have not used them for years, but I think I will do as you have done, display them, as they should be seen and enjoyed.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  2. I too have a vintage purse collection. Yours are really beautiful with their patina and stones. Mine are displayed in my master bedroom on a trellis, come by and check it out. Enjoy

  3. You are selling them? Oh....they look so pretty displayed in the basket. I am crazy about that green one. Just love that color. :) Thank you so much for visiting me. I am so glad you did. Hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day and a great weekend coming up. xo

  4. Hello...
    I have a few purses but not like yours..well, one beaded one I have that is awesome..but the most important thing that I had that you have is an Aunt Ollie..hahaha..and a Aunt Hilda and Lillian..on my dad's side of the finnish family..I loved my aunt..she did such wonderful embroidery! Nice post and thanks for coming by..I'm your newest follower..

  5. woops..guess I cant be your newest follower when I already follow you..guess that happens when one follows so many wonderful kindred spirits...LOL!

  6. Beautiful antique bags my DS collects them,thanks for sharing these, have a great weekend...

  7. Hello! Great collection of evening bags! So happy you stopped by my blog...thank you for your sweet comment. I can't take credit for the "tie the knot" card idea. I saw it some time ago. I have no idea where. For whatever reason, I remembered it (yet, I can't tell you what I had for breakfast today...). I'm enjoying checking out your blog. Love your red transferware!

    Have a good weekend.

    They are all pretty together.
    have a lovely weekend Janice
    we received a sketchy one inch of snow last night.

  9. I have seen those necklaces. So cute. I have several leather coin purses that belonged to my grandpa. I always say I'm going to make one, but haven't yet. You gave a gorgeous collection. That green velvet is so pretty. And I kinda like the way it's worn. It gives it that wonderful vintage charm!

  10. Wow..My heart is pitter - pattering! Love your collection!! the Emerald is so beautiful! Love it! I need some of those need to raid my moms closet.. Ha ha!
    Have a wonderful day! Marissa your newest follower!!!

  11. Oh, that green velvet one is my FAVORITE! Just gorgeous!!

  12. Those are absolutely beautiful! I would love evening bags. I bet those were not cheep! Your collection is stunning!