Saturday, March 27, 2021

Resale Shopping and New Napkins

 Hello you'all

Couple years ago I guess I purchased these cute Bunny Easter napkins, when I go out shopping and find cute ones  or pretty blue white flower ones I definitely buy then to use sometime or another. Anyway These caught my eye, I just noticed this morning they have a recipe inside, never seen a recipe inside a napkin.

Hot Cross Buns

Now have you bought napkins with a recipe inside  ?


Ok so much for napkins, I went to my favorite resale shop this morning and found this ironstone cheese dish . They are so expensive on the etsy shops that sale ironstone. I did not intend to start another collection especially black and white but guess I have since I did buy a round ironstone BUTTER dish off etsy shop 

It was $8 and the BUTTER was maybe $80 on sale, Then I really like these colorful asparagus dishes and this one  at same resale shop was $4 so I grabbed it t help clutter up my dish cabinets LOL 

I have been busy all week enjoying spring and my tea party group got together for a wonderful lunch at one of the gals lovely home. It was so nice.

This week I hope to work in my yard a little I have few things to plant. Keep in touch and let me know if your friends have been getting back together where you live. We are in central Missouri




Pink Saturday is always fun check it out 


  1. Janice: Yes, Karen always has such a wonderful meal and definitely the gift of hospitality. I doubt clubs or groups will get together yet but I imagine some will be willing to have lunch with friends. Cute napkins! I think our city is overly strict and it is time to open up this economy. I really feel for retail and these schools have got to get open. My concern is that there are children who are going to be so far behind.

  2. I love those napkins! How fun that they have the recipe on them. We are going to try to get together outside (weather permitting) for Easter this year at a local park. We'll see how that goes! xo Diana

  3. The napkins are adorable and I have never seen any with a recipe inside. WOW! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Beautiful bunny napkins! Love springy ideas and here in Michigan...I don't know the rules anymore...they change like the weather...but people are tired and getting braver...stores, traffic etc is about like normal. We haven't resumed our card clubs yet and I'm anxiously waiting, but we've always gotten together with the kids/gkids. Spent the w/e with my daughter and we played Canasta and Rummy and ate delicious Polish foods. Thank you for your blog....always fun and interesting.

  5. Never heard of recipe napkins but quite the marketing idea. Janice

  6. I've never seen recipes on napkins. I don't blame you for buying them. They are so beautiful.
    Here in Eastern Quebec we are still not allowed to get together. I will have my vaccine on the 23rd of April. Hopefully it will get better soon.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  7. Oh, your bunny linens are so cute! Very festive.

    Now that I am fully vaccinated I am able to be with other vaccinated people which is a huge relief. No parties or gatherings yet, on any scale, though we did have friends for dinner last week. And it was such a gift. I think we are opening things far too fast here in Michigan but our wonderful governor is stuck with a state legislature putting up road blocks. So, despite the vaccination, I'm still quite cautious in public and plan to be indefinitely.

  8. I've never seen recipes printed on napkins - how funny! I do love to buy those pretty seasonal napkins. I'm not one for washing cloth napkins and keeping up with napkin rings. After the holiday passes, I put them in the napkin holder on the kitchen table and we slowwwly, Hubby and I, use them up. Its funny to see Christmas napkins in the spring. (:

  9. Did have dinner with three friends who were all vaccinated, but no bigger gatherings. I did go back to my gym and we had a class of seven in the basketball gym and an open window. No bigger groups yet.