Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Resale Shopping


Silver Plated Teapot & Tray

I just love to go to a good resale shop and there is only one great one here in my little city.
I just stop in once in a while.
I have always loved silver and silver plated items
mostly I like large trays 

I couldn't pass up this goose neck teapot for $8. I will just set it on this gorgeous silver plated tray. The tray has stamp Sheffield England on bottom I gave $25 for it.I have always liked silver.

Also since I haven't blogged in a while I can't seem to maneuver around. things have changed. So when you see an error just read on.

I have little bit snow today only suppose to be up to 3 inches, so I'm staying in and hope to get some enthusiasm to make a couple things in the studio while waiting on laundry to finish   


  1. that tea pot is beautiful!! I have a few of those collected over the years.

  2. I wish we had a good resale shop here. Great find. Janice

  3. That's a beautiful piece! I am going to use my silver collection in the dining room next month. I know what you mean....silver is sp pretty to look at!

  4. Your teapot is beautiful! I have been yearning to do a little thrifting. You surely got a good find there. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Beautiful find...and the tray is outstanding. I really would love to go shop, just not practical now though! Sandi

  6. what a beauty you found at a great price. Love to get my silver all clean and enjoy it.

  7. You have found a real treasure!! Isn't it fun to peruse resale shops? I can't wait until I can have my vaccine and get back to a more normal life. Enjoy using your new teapot and tray. Zenda

  8. Such beautiful detail on your new teapot! I love silver and have such a hard time turning it down at a great price. Well done!

  9. Your silver teapot is gorgeous and it looks very elegant sitting on that splendid tray! I like silver as well although I don't own a lot of it. I found a silver plated tea set years ago while thrifting and I didn't pay much for it at the time. I do have my mother's wedding silverware which I love and I collect little teaspoons! Thank you for your visit and I hope February treats you well.