Friday, January 8, 2021

Need some Enthusiasm

 Hi again

I'm slowly getting to rearrange things around my house thinking that will inspire me to keep things picked up after myself.

Since all this staying at home I just let it go, if you know what I mean? I never have been the prefect house cleaner.

I have two of the long boxes you see setting on my black chest which sets right inside of my front door. Other one is over my desk where my computer is  and full of old family pictures. I had my large 1880's  crystal candelabras setting here previously.

Now in this room is where I work on my etsy shop and I have boxes setting under my chests and settees so I don't have to go downstairs to look for items as I sell them.

Most people wouldn't dare show their messes, Am I right? This is my favorite room in my house.

Well leaving now to look at other blogs.

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  1. Hello from Alabama! Indeed I am hanging plates but I've been warned about the plate hangers. So I'm using aquarium tubing where the wire would meet the plate, and I'm not using plate hangers for platters...I'm using wooden shelves like those people do when they display their dough bowls. My friend in Virginia said that after a while the plates will weaken at the wire points so they need a bit of protection. Even putting a bit of glue stick stuff at each point is better than nothing. Not that any of my plates are priceless......

    1. Yes I have always been afraid to hang my huge platters and have them on large stand up plate racks only. I would love to have one of those wall plate racks with boards to hold platters in(you know what I mean)

  2. HEY ALSO....those rooms are GORGEOUS !!!!!!

  3. I love it all! Those red walls and everything on them! Show us MORE!!!

  4. Love all of your treasures!Gorgeous pictures!

  5. What a nice collection of frames! I am waiting for Easter so my dust bunnies will be part of the decor. LOL Janice

  6. Janice, your home is beautiful and I love the red walls and the collection of pretty frames and objects. It looks very elegant. It is nice to have your supplies close at hand and if it bothers you, some pretty baskets could hold them and look good at the same time. I know what you mean about keeping things up in these times. I have said that it is a good thing that I continue to blog otherwise it would be so easy to let everything go. I do have a few rooms that are becoming just a place to hold the overflow. I didn't make a new year's resolution, but I am still saying that I plan on cleaning each room one at a time from top to bottom. Just trying to find a good time to start..Stay well..xxoJudy

  7. Yep...I try not to share my messes on FB or blog cause if I did everyone would think I never clean my house! haha...I moved here in March and still working at trying to get some things changed and in my style.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen ! Dust in the house???? I tell my guests that I have had my furniture frosted at great expense. (

  9. What a wonderful room! I can see why it is your favorite. You have such a talent for putting together the most delightful spaces! My little after Christmas break has put me behind on housekeeping; guess it is time to go back to work, but I sure do enjoy sitting by a nice warm fire!

  10. Hi Janice, glad you're back in 2021! Just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring your post from last week at All About Home. Oh my, that red gallery wall is amazing!! Thanks so much for coming by and linking up!

  11. Lol, Janice I came running over here from Debra's to see your etsy room - it's fabulous! Girl, I am right up there with you on not being the perfect house cleaner. My dirty little secret is I loathe cleaning....but, when I do clean, I usually don't stop till I drop. Your room looks very creative, and I love it!