Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Little Paint Project

I have wanted to see what these fancy little cute Frenchie style drawers handles would look like painted a soft gold.
I bought this little low chest at a resale shop possibly 13 years ago and it was already painted my favorite color, a blue.  

This is what they look like now and I'm satisfied with the color. Originally I wanted a bright gold color.

This is what the chest looks like, excuse the plates on the floor under it (smiling) . I did get all the boxes out from under it. This is my office area and it's usually looks very lived in, which now in my later years doesn't bother me.

I have this chest and another tall chest full of note cards and stationary which I love, I am always thrilled when a friend gives me a cute box of note cards, one friend for my last November birthday gave me a very cute box of French note cards, ones with little Marie Antionette faces on them.

The sun was finally out today and it was so energizing to me. I also run over to my favorite resale shop.
yes I found me a few little treasures.
Well which paint color do you like best on the handles? 


  1. The gold compliments the blue very well! Janice

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  3. I think the gold looks great but either one would be pretty as the little chest is beautiful. I love the slender lines of it. A great place for storing your cards..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. That chest is so pretty and I love the hardware you chose. I think I like the ones you chose, but to be honest, I like them both. Thanks for stopping by the other day!

  5. Love them and you have returned them to almost their original true color. Love the piece. xo Diana

  6. What an AMAZING difference. I have a table in my entry hall that has two drawers without handles. I think they may need some. My drawers, however, do not have the cool stuff in them that yours do. What eye candy!

  7. What a lovely piece of furniture, all decked out with her new handles!
    I'm a card collector, from my days as a Hallmark merchandiser, I love cards 😁
    Happy to see you are back in Bloggyland friend.

  8. I really love the gold handles! They look beautiful with on the blue. That chest is a treasurer and it's full of goodies! Hope you are staying warm! Zenda