Thursday, August 22, 2019

Retirement is Good

I have so enjoyed being home all spring and summer. Well I have run around a lot you know out treasure hunting and out eating with friends a lot,couple trips to St Louis shopping.
I also check on a couple people who need extra assistance.

I have been trying to catch up on blogging today since it's a cloudy rainy day and I seen to set still longer on these days. Otherwise i'm up trying to still clean out drawers and toss things.
I took another car load to a donation center yesterday. You would think after about 5-6 trips my house would be empty, NOT I still have plenty.

 This lamp has needed a switch for over a year I know and I finally made it to West Lakes to get a switch and it took a young man an hour to put it on for me.I have it on my night stand and love it.

Anybody that knows me well knows I love blue and white china and I have put my blue and white made in Stafforshire England in my one kitchen cabinet that has an open front.

I move things around here and there when I find another dish that needs to get in this cabinet . I bought these Spode Spice jars years ago


Well I have a few errands to do so should get going. Thanks for stopping by today and always.

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  1. So sweet of you checking on others. I absolutely love your pretty china. Those spice jars are unusual to me, I really like them. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Oh I so love stopping by and seeing all the fun you are having. Does a mind good to see smiles and joy. Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS

  3. Stopped in to see how you're doing. Oh my goodness you have so many BEAUTIFUL COLLECTIONS!! My favorites are your blue/white stuff! You have it all displayed/arranged so nicely!!

  4. I love seeing your cupboards and pretty things!!

  5. I adore your blue and white dishes and they look lovely in your cupboard!! I just retired and I am so excited to see what the future holds!

  6. Your blue and white collection is just so stunning! Good for you in donating so much by clearing out. Happy retirement to you!
    P. S. Thank you for your sweet visit!

  7. Hi Janice! I just love all your blues displayed together. I bet you were thrilled to get that gorgeous lamp going. I also peeked at your new linen sheets. Gah!! Fabulous. My mil used to send her sheets out to the laundry. They were luscious to sleep on all smooth and ironed. But I think you may be right about it being a bit of a lost art.

  8. How beautiful your blue china is! Your kitchen cabinet with the open front is so perfect for displaying it. Happy retirement and to many happy decluttering days! :~)

  9. Your blue & white is so pretty, Janice! Believe me, I know the feeling of purging, feeling accomplished, and then still seeing so much surrounding. I have yet to unbox what I considered my best collection (my antique purses), but I feel like I'm saving that project for fall or even winter.
    Good to hear from you again after your break.

  10. I am in love with all your blue and white pieces.

  11. Janice, your blue and white is beautiful and it looks fabulous in your open cabinet! Love the Spode spice jars and I'm glad you got your lovely lamp going again. That is a nice piece too. I have a bit of purging done but there is more to do. Enjoy the long weekend!

  12. There is always so many wonderful things to see here Janice when I visit. Love visiting too! The blue and white china is simply gorgeous and so too the lamp base.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment about my bags.

  13. Beautiful blue and white display - the Spode spice jars were a wonderful treat.