Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Paper Embellished Clam & Oyster Shells

 Another blue and white post however this is my all time favorite colors together and seems I always am drawn to blue and white anything
When I do laundry down in  my walk out basement level where I have my Studio I sometimes set at one of my creating art tables and play, play which means trying to create something different.

I started with some oyster shells Cups I brought home from Garibaldi  Oregon last June, It's where the fishing boats comes in and clean and shuck the oysters etc, it's a fish market also.

I left the backs natural on this bunch, some I painted a metallic gold

Of course I washed and scrubbed they left them out in the sun to dry one day before I started painting and I used Mod Podge glue to glue the paper inside of the shells, the paper is some Hallmark drawer liner paper. I buy lots Hallmark paper just to play and create with.

This picture I laid out same as backs of shells in previous picture

I am enjoying the sun today and have watered my flowers and weeds LOL cleaned out the litter box outside and I am TRYING not to eat so much sugar today since I am addicted to sweets.

Litter box and sweets don't belong in same sentence LOL

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  1. Oh how very French! These are darling! You are so clever!

  2. I just love those shells, so pretty!! Thanks for your sweet comments, and the purse charm with the fluffy balls I got that at Walmart last summer I think it was.

  3. These are sooo pretty! I was so pleased to be able to feature your post at Share Your Style #224.

    Happy fall and happy crafting,
    Barb :)

  4. You must be my sister from another mother. I have started doing some of these shells also. I saw some at a rideculous price and decided I could probably do it myself. Their's were painted gold on the outside and the inside rim and decoupaged on the inside with what looked like paper napkings. Quite lovely an easy to make. Not worth $32. each. I am also addicted to sweets, tell me if you figure out how to beat that habit. xoxo

    1. Hi Janine, I did paint some of my small oyster shells gold on outside, left natural on inside
      I love knowing others like what I do with my creating.
      Sugar is a demon and hard to beat, I do good for short times
      LOL, wish you had a blog to respond to