Friday, August 16, 2019

My Break is Almost Over

Well all summer I have been trying to clean my house of clutter and things I have stored away in case some one needs them? Well that stuff is all gone  however my house is still full of what I call my fun treasures.

All these jars are gone and I put my buttons in one huge jar with lid.

I bought 2 beautiful antique monogrammed sheets at an estate sale this summer and had them professionally washed and ironed ,that was an ordeal. Professional services are not as good as they use to be. I think people are running these services not knowing what they are doing, anyway my experience this summer. These are in excellent condition for late 1800

 A lot has happened this spring and summer and a very close friend passed away and it is hard not being able to talk with him as often as we talked. Richard Cottrell

This is just a quick post to let you know I'm still here and ready to get back into blogging again.

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  1. I love buttons!
    Life changes happen and are hard. Glad to know you are okay! Looking forward to your posts when you return.....

  2. I am sorry to read that Richard Cottrell passed away. I have thought about him and his home and his dog so often this during late spring and summer. Every time I heard about how high the river was at Clarksville he was in my mind and I was hoping everything was going to be ok for him and his beautiful home. I hope this doesn't sound goofy, but is his little dog ok?

    1. Yes Buddy is doing really good with a lady who took Buddy,who use to babysit Buddy for Richard.Thanks for asking

  3. I am sorry about the death of your friend. I am proud of you for getting so much decluttering done. I still have a basement full of stuff to get rid of.
    Good to see a post from you-xo Diana

  4. It's hard to rid our homes of things we have collected thru the years. Wish I could do it with ease. It's honestly a struggle for me.
    I am so sorry about the passing of your friend. I have cried this week over my friend who passed in 2012...I still miss our times together. Hugs to you, Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Richard passed? Oh how so sorry to hear this and sorry for the loss of your friend. I had been reading him since 2014 or so, and the past years he had stopped blogging, I never knew what happened but had so hoped he was not ill, looks like that was not the case. I had stopped in pretty often to check but he just never posted anymore and I did miss his posts, I enjoyed his blog so so much. I am so glad to hear Buddy is with someone who will love him I can guarantee you the last thought Richard was of his precious Buddy and hoped that he would be taken care of. I know that he was welcomed by his sweet little Sissy....I don't think he ever really got over losing her, do you? I hope they are together in a big Victorian mansion on a BIG HILL with no flooding in Heaven!!--looking at pretty painted fruit bowls or decorating up the mantel for Christmas or something! so so sad he is now gone........

  6. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Loved your button collection, but purging is good...something I need to do. Janice

  7. Oh, but I loved all those bottles filled with buttons! I am sorry about the loss of your friend. I will follow your link to read about him. I have also spent a lot of time this summer decluttering. It's a nice feeling to have almost finished the job. Now, If I can keep from bringing in more.

  8. My sympathies to you on the loss of your friend. I don't care for these life changes either. We've had several this year and it's an adjustment for sure that is so hard. Sending you hugs and God's comforting hand. (I loved your button bottles....I might have copied your idea.....) :)

  9. I'm sad about the loss of Richard Cottrell. I always enjoyed following along with his posts. I know you must miss his calls. I've lots of stuff here and trying to be active with a purge. Some days are more productive than others, but like you, there is still plenty left after I donate a load.
    Love the old buttons. My mother gave me my grandmother's button chest many years ago. As a child, I always enoyed opening the drawers and playing with the mother of pearl and other unusual buttons. In 2000, I decided to make a crazy quilt using white and cream fabrics. I used a lot of grandmother's mother of pearl buttons to embellish the quilt.

  10. I LOVE those jars and bottles! Oh my goodness! My great grandmother LOVED her some buttons. Sorry to hear about your friend. Asking the Lord to bring comfort. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. So sorry for the loss of your friend. His post waz delightful to read as I imagine he was to know.
    I have been organizing and sorting too, endless.

  12. I am saddened to read of Richard's death. He was such a friendly and genuine man. Thanks for letting us know.♥

  13. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend... I truly am. Life is hard sometimes.

    Thank you for visiting me and for the sweet words about my Mom's passing. That post was a year ago today and so much has changed. I'm planning on posting a new blog entry and may return to the blogging world.

    Love the buttons!

    <3 Rebecca

  14. I'm so sorry about your friend. That linen piece is gorgeous. I know what you mean about professional services not being what they used to be.

  15. You have some beautiful collections. I was so sorry to hear of Richard's passing. I was a follower of his blog and I've missed his posts so much after he stopped blogging. He was such a gentle soul and I felt so blessed that he shared his beautiful home and collections through his blogging. Thank you for posting I have often thought of him and hoped all was well for him.