Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rain and Yard Sale

Can you believe all this rain? I think it has rained everyday or every other day since April 1st.

Anyway I have been busy cleaning out my large utility room where I have had stuff saved on shelves for years just in case some one needs it !! Why ?  Well anyway it's going in my drive way and yard in the morning Thursday, for sale or give a way and then in the curb FREE before trash man comes Friday morning.

I hate to throw away good items however i'm tired of saving and cluttering up my house also. This is just first of 3 sales I'll have. Next will be the studio clean out

Well so much for junk LOL Just a couple of pictures for entertainment in between me going on about my de clutter sale again, I think I have done this many times then buy more.
I do need newer kitchen chairs so on the outlook for cute french chairs

Look what the rain has made beautiful in my yard , they are dinner plate size blooms

I'm sure you can relate to my big clean out ? right ?


  1. Loving those beautiful blooms! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I'm right here with you on the rain. It never ends and the humidity is unreal. II' a sun girl and one day a week if we are lucky isn't enough. Hope this doesn't happen all summer.

    Good luck with your sales.


  3. Need to clean my attic and not looking forward to doing it. Love those hydrangeas! Good luck with your sale. Janice

  4. I did a big purge also last month - selling items for $1 each....I need to go another because it felt so good....would love to see pics of your sale items....I posted mine on facebook and it drew lots of relatives, friends etc. It was fun and I've already forgotten how much work it was. Good luck with your sale.

    1. Thanks, I sold most items $1-$2 also rest went in trash bags
      Now round two will be $5- $10 items better stuff haha

  5. Hope your sale was quick and easy and profitable! Love seeing all your neat old things, always something interesting to see! Summer has arrived and it sure is hot now. It rains pretty much every day as well. Our flowers are growing so fast!

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