Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pink Boxes

Hi There

I'm like a bug in hot ashes I have lots going on today however wanted to do a post for Pink Saturday

I love decorative flower boxes and especially these that I picked up at yard sales and flea markets

 I have mostly card making papers in these boxes

Hope you all a wonderful weekend i'm going out to set on my patio for a while before my next project for this day. I'm staying home hopefully all weekend

Pink Saturday


  1. Beautiful boxes!Have a lovely weekend!

  2. those are neat boxes! I love pretty boxes and have bought a few so far, they are real thick and sturdy, great to store things in.

  3. I love boxes too!! They hold a lot of 'debris!'
    Staying home for a weekend is a gift! I love doing that!
    We have been at the ranch for the last 24 days and my favorite ones have been when I didn't go to 'town.'
    Happy FOURTH!!!

  4. Ohhhh...those are wonderful boxes! I'm always drawn to them, too!

    Have a graet PS and a super 4th!


  5. So pretty. And irresistible! I hardly see any around here anymore. Enjoy your downtime!

  6. I love those kinds of pretty! I would love to find some of those at flea markets....I hope you had a relaxing weekend. Happy 4th!

  7. Hey Janice, I read that pink at one time was strictly a boy's color. I know that in the 1950's lots of men wanted a black and pink 1955 Ford or Chevy ! Old Paris has lots of pink also. Nothing beats a 1958 sold pink tile bathroom! Marshel

  8. Love the pink .I like to see what you find I try not to get more things ,I love it all,at the age I better not, there is nothing better then a vintage find and come home with it.

  9. I hardly see any around here anymore. Enjoy your downtime!