Thursday, July 6, 2017

Studio Stuff

Well we had a good 4th July and then it rained most of the 5th so that was good for my flowers and everyone else flowers.

I am really still trying to declutter by eliminating stuff in my studio and have passed lots on to others however still more to find another home for.

I was remembering when I bought this very old basket at an auction years ago. An elderly lady had died and family was eliminating  her old treasures and I brought this basket home . It's a very close up picture not showing it's actual size of about a peck

Isn't it just awful when you're cleaning out a room you make such a huge mess? or anyway my rooms i'm cleaning are a mess. A friend came over to help me change out a room size rug in my bedroom and I was really worried about all the dust and and dust bunnies that would be seen but just one little bunch of cat fur came blowing across the floor LOL

I'll be off in a couple weeks so I hope to have time to finish up all my rearranging

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  1. I do like that basket. I live in an ancient farmhouse, so dust is a constant for me. As in everyday dusting is needed.....not that it gets done! lol

  2. I love estate sales and yet they make me sad. I noticed an estate sale sign in a neighbor's yard a block up from us. I feel guilty that I wasn't a better neighbor to her.....
    However, I LOVE your basket! I agree with you - Cleaning makes a mess! For one thing, if I am spending my time really cleaning one room - that means the others go neglected! Then after a clean room or two is done - I find myself cleaning the 'clean' rooms before tackling another one. It never ends......

  3. Love old baskets and I have many. Seems the shoppers today don't want them. I have sold only one in my booth.

  4. That is a very sweet basket! I would love to take some of your things off your hands, if I lived closer! I can't imagine parting with anything you have in all your pictures.

  5. I love sales of all kinds but often wonder what the person was like who originally owned the treasures I find. Old baskets are so beautiful. Always something to think about. Thanks for stopping by Phamilyblog. I am locked out except as a visitor. SO frustrating but wanted to say hello. Thank you for stopping there. HUGS

  6. The basket really is a keeper. I love it!!

  7. Such a great basket! Happy cleaning(?!) Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  8. I can not do deep cleaning or rearranging without living with a mess in the middle of starting and completing. That always seems to be the time some old friend that never visits drops by, LOL. I always wonderful if they believe that I'm in the middle of a project or if they think I live like that, LOL.

  9. What a sweet little basket. It's always a big mess when you are trying to organize things, isn't it? I got a laugh out of your worrying about what was under the rug. I had someone move my fridge once and oh my goodness - there was a whole dust bunny, complete with tail! haha! Always good to reorganize, but the process can be time consuming. Wishing you a good week and good progress. xx Karen

  10. that is a neat old basket. Sounds like you are making good head-way on your organizing! Stick with it and you will get there!