Sunday, June 25, 2017

Paint Update

Well here it is Sunday afternoon and I didn't get my painting done yesterday, instead I went to visit my 4 grandsons before they left on a trip.

I did get before pictures of a table that matches my vintage lawn furniture( 1978 actually).
There is always another paint day if not ,it doesn't really matter then

I have several sea shells I have collected from coast to coast outside setting around my patio
This one is an abalone shells I added vintage earrings to and I found some matching beads

Then a cute little iron bird bath setting in my lilies
 Guess I'll go fix me a glass of good oh southern sweet tea

I joined in these linky parties

Classic Homemaking 


  1. It will look great when you paint it. I always go have a look at your shop, hoping one day to see your LV case.;) I let my shop close because I was not going to let them access my bank account. What is that about?

  2. Your furniture is classic! It will look great after you paint it!

  3. Love the furniture - I have some pieces also. they are great.

  4. That reminds me of the set my parents had. I wish I still had it. And it will be gorgeous when you paint it!

  5. Lovely patio table, Janice...and I love the goodies on it, too!

  6. Yes, there will be more painting days. I have lots of painting projects to do this summer and I am just waiting for the weather to cooperate.

  7. Beautiful furniture. You will transform so much with paint...can't wait to see!

    Jane x

  8. I love the old vintage tables like those!there are alot of those here in Charleston!

  9. Love that little iron birdbath! I'd have a hard time passing by one of those and not buying it! Smart move - putting the grands before the painting.

  10. Oh that iron bird bath is adorable! The vintage tables are lovely too. Yeah, I could have not been indifferent to any of those great finds my friend.
    Have a terrific weekend ahead.