Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sweet Projects

 Good Morning

I am in the mood for creating some new projects. I have been going through drawers in the studio and pulling out things that match the ideas in my head. Sometimes that is hard to accomplish.However I keep digging.

I want to make some new altered art greeting cards for one thing. A soft sweet card then  something with red in it. The sun is just coming up through my east windows in the studio why this picture has streaks of morning sunshine across it
Then of course I had to get a picture of my oh so sweet white and cream buttons that I adore, some stored in old whiskey bottles I picked up at yard sales etc.

This is the choice of things for another card with red trims

I have the cutest idea for some Christmas shoes made out of my little baby shoes and broken china pieces. I hope to get a completed picture for you soon .

I had best be going I have to get ready to go with a friend over to Arrow Rock Theatre to see Tammy Wynette and George Jones which I an not a fan of country music especially the old time country music that my Grandmother loved, George Strait was Grandma's favorite.just saying.
Anyway my friend couldn't find anyone else and I knew she really wanted to go,so me being a good friend said yes. So Country here I come LOL 
These actors are sometimes right off Broadway in New York City, they are always wonderful actors.


The rest of  my story about Tammy Wynette  & George Jones show at Arrow Rock  Lyceum Theatre.

The show was a lot better than  I had imagined. It was Tammy Wynette life story and it was wonderful and very entertaining I really enjoyed it 

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  1. Love love all those bits and pieces and can't wait to see your projects. The buttons in bottles instead of jars are great and the picture with the sun streaking across it was a beautiful piece of luck. Have a fun day!

  2. I like your process of selecting items and then letting them blend together while they tell you how to create. Lovely old buttons and great storage for them. I hope you end up enjoying the show.

  3. What great pictures, I love your button bottles, your cards will be adorable.


  4. I love country and wish I were going!!!
    Your button bottles! OH, your button bottles are just beautiful in and of themselves!!!

  5. Looks like lots of pretties for creating! Have fun at the concert!

  6. Hi Janice,
    I like what I see for your sweet creations, can't wait to see the results. So glad you enjoyed the show at Lyceum.
    Talk to you later,

  7. You have a lot of inspiration! Go for it!

    Jane x

  8. Theirs was a very interesting love story. Glad you went to the production. I love George can you not? Good looking, family man, and a good voice to boot! Anxious to see your creations.

  9. I love your collection of button whisky bottles!!! I also like the way you collect the items in preparation of a creation!

  10. You have some beautiful things to create with!

    I'm glad you had fun at the show :)