Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beautiful Stuff

I just love my old hand made cotton and lace tablecloths and have some hanging on a large rack in my spare bedroom next to the studio.I don't know what this work is called looks like big tatting?

I also like this 1/2 doll Bed Lamp. Her dress was beautiful originally however I still like her with her torn wrinkled old dress on


I have a very busy weekend so must get started sorry I can't chat longer 

Here is my wedding veil hanging on a window in this room with the morning sun coming through 

  Have a great week end 


  1. Beautiful lace linens. I have a lot of linens, but nothing this lacy.

  2. Good Afternoon Diane, I so agree with you, handmade lace tablecloths are really beautiful, but they are getting harder and harder to find, as they are so popular nowadays.
    Your wedding veil looks lovely with the sunshine filtering through the window.
    Enjoy your day.
    Best Wishes as always.

  3. How pretty...I so love your veil .....

  4. The wedding veil in the window is stunning!

  5. I love things like your beautiful bridal veil that carry such memories and sentiment! I also collect linens and linen remnants at Thrift stores and flea markets. Aren't they fun?

  6. Identifying lace is something that takes years of study and I am just beginning to study it. I think it is a needlepoint lace stitch. Something I just learned today was that the white cotton summer Edwardian dresses that can still be found were made at home or ordered from catalogs. I was surprised to learn that the lace on those dresses was machine made. Interesting stuff....

  7. I love these photos - especially the wedding veil.......

  8. Hi Janice, Are you back yet? Love this post, so simple and elegant. Talk with you soon!